Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Shorelife - Great Blue Heron

Superbowl Sunday calls for a long beach walk before settling in on the couch.. Giants? Patriots?  We are not that invested in the game this year, as Tom's favorite teams didn't make the cut... no Packers, no Forty-Niners and no Seahawks... but we've cooked up some fabulous ribs and corn muffins!

The tide was the farthest out we've ever seen at Half Moon Bay - lots of tidepools to explore, not only for us, but for this beautiful California Great Blue Heron.

Lunch caught!

And then, I got a little too close and the heron had enough of my camera and my in-elegant splashing!

Can't believe that I actually got this shot of him/her taking off with the fish!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.


Beach House Living said...

Heron, interesting watch but I prefer they stop eating the fish in our pond for dinner.

Arabella said...

I love watching the herons. They sometimes fly right over our back deck on the way to the lake at the end of our street. So elegant. Wonderful post, Caron.


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