Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beach Home Entry - 6 Tips for Selecting the Right Rug

Now to add back the essential decorating elements to make your coastal home entry room functional!

A durable, "stain-hiding" rug is always an essential item for beach homes for salty and sandy feet. Especially if you can keep the sand and dirt at the front door and not tracking into the rest of your home!

For fall and winter use, a coastal indoor-outdoor rug is a must. Your mudroom or foyer needs a rug that will be an easy clean up for outside debris and durability. It's time to roll up your sea grass and jute rugs and store until next spring because this is the time of year that your entry way will need to withstand a little abuse. 

Tip #1: Get creative with a rug runner

Think about a using a long runner rug in coastal colors to reflect your space. Just make sure that it will stay flat with non-skid backing or a rug pad.

Blue and White stripes are especially great for keeping it "nautical"! 

Your home's entry space is all about what works and is best for your family, and for creating the right first impression. Rug runners come in so many shapes and sizes, don't be afraid to think outside the box with color and pattern!

Tip #2: Add Pattern and Texture

A varied rug pattern will go a long way towards hiding muddy and sandy foot prints. Not only are they more forgiving, but the right pattern and mix of beachy color palette will add interest to your space  - instantly welcoming friends to your beach home!

Love this idea!

Image Source - Home Bunch

Our New Harbor Seaside Rug - comes in an Ivory shade too!

Love the coral and navy blue combo!

Tip #3: Think about using an area rug to completely fill the space

Warm up and greet your family and friends as they come in from the weather outside! Go beyond just the "usual" welcome mat. 

image source - House of Turquoise

Tip #4: Coastal decorating can still reflect the autumn season

No need to always decorate with blue and aqua to show off your love of the seaside or lakeside living. Besides, the "usual"  blue, white and aqua look gets just a little bit tired.

Love the elegant neutral shades in this entry! (so sorry - not sure of the source)

Add subtle orange and gold in seashell patterns; 

Or just stay with neutral seaside tones like in our new Starfish Tan and Ivory Indoor-Outdoor Rug

Grey is also a wonderful neutral. Simple, but pretty coastal entry foyer from Honey Bear Lane, starting with a modern grey rug with a popular quadrefoil pattern. 

Or for more beach "flavor" - coral themes are always a popular choice!

Tip #5: Create Drama with a Round Rug

If only we all had enough space in our entry way to try this idea at home! 

(image source -

 A few of our fave new round rugs at Caron's! 

Tip # 6 - Look for rugs that come already constructed with a non-slip backing; 

or add a rug pad underneath to keep your rug secure from slipping and sliding on potentially wet floors. A rug pad will also extend the life of your rug and will make it feel a little more plush and cushy. Not to mention a rug pad will also protect further protect your wood or tile floors! Rug Pads at Caron's Beach House

My best advice is to have fun with creating the right look for your home and for your family!  By starting with a rug, you can "anchor" your space and start fresh for this fall.

Relax and Live at the Beach Every Day of the Year!

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