Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Affair with my Sperry Topsider Boots

I know, kind of silly.  Here I sit, having been a beach comber girl all of my life, and I have not owned a pair of rubber beach boots - EVER.  Until a month ago.

I first saw these in November when I was in Seattle shopping with my daughter in downtown for Black Friday. Really against my shopping credo - not my favorite day for shopping, I don't care what the "deals" are.  Honestly, we just went down to Westlake Center and Pike Place Market to do a little people watching, have some lunch and maybe shop for some special seafood gourmet tools at Sur la table.  Tom had put some kind of fancy salmon-boner tool thing on his Christmas list... (more on that "thing" later!)

It wasn't our fault that we just had to walk by Nordstrom's Rack, and well, we didn't want to pass up a good sale, did we?    Here's the funny thing - I had flown up on Alaskan Airlines, and had not checked a bag, so wasn't sure how I was going to get them home, so I didn't buy them. (I did take a picture though, so that I could remember what they looked like)

Then about a month ago, I was desperate for a new pair of tennis shoes - and there they were. The Sperry Topsider boots that I had been craving - just waiting for me to take them home from our local Nordstrom Rack!  And they were on sale - only $29.95!

Now look at what I can do with my new boots - I can actually climb all over the rocks and get some awesome tidepool photos.  Very excited - feel like a little kid when I can splash all over the place and not worry about getting my feet soaked. Or worry about sliding off of the rocks - much bigger danger for me, as I am a total klutz.

Here's a few of my other favorite Sperry boots - what do you think?

Blue and White Stripes - totally nautical! (looks like these might be on sale too - $49.99)

Grey and Black Cheetah print - for more than just the beach!

Pretty in Pink - Kingbird Rainboot $51.99

Love these bright orange ones!  Nordstrom Rack has several colors, magenta, green, orange, purple -

(Here's a link to the Sperry page at the Rack - Sperry Topsiders)

Do you have a pair of rubber rain boots?  There are so many pretty ones available!


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love the wellies! I have a pair that resembles the Coach style. Love them! Gotta have them, right?

I like the striped ones. Also J. Crew has some neat ones too!

Everything Coastal said...

Hi! Thanks for your sweet comments - I have been collecting photos of these on my pinterest board, and finally got around to posting a story. There area SO many colors and styles out there, I think my next pair of "beach boots" will be red. A girl always has to have red shoes - don't ya think?

Unknown said...

On my way! These are a MUST with as much time I spend on the beach! Off with the old boots and on to something bright, fun and of course, essential! Thank you, Caron!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I LOVE rubber boots. I have an old pair that I've had forever and I wear them all the time. I'd love to get a cute new pair. Maybe something "beachy."

Gberger said...

I got some basic ones at Costo, but they aren't nearly as cute as these - and great prices at the Rack! Don't you love that place?

Beach House Living said...

How fun are those nautical flags? I have Sperry shoes but the boots are navy Hunter's.

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