Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deep Roar of the Ocean

"The deep roar of the ocean. The break of waves on farther shores that thought can find.  The silent thunders of the deep." 
-Doug Adams, The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Not sure why, but this just grabbed my attention this morning while scrolling through Facebook.  The silly thing is, it was on a Coastal Living Magazine "View of the Day" post, and it was showing a peaceful, sunny setting on Bainbridge Island facing the Puget Sound with Mount Rainier in the background.  The quote and the picture didn't really seem to match?

Here's what I think of when I think of the "deep roar of the ocean"

The stormy days spent walking the beach are my best.  Usually there's no one else on the beach but me, I can happily let the wind whip my skin, and fill my pockets with sea treasures.  Breathe.

The sound of the waves just seem to reach into every part of me, and all of my disjointed thoughts and feelings wash right back out to sea.  

Am definitely re-reading the Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.... I must have missed something the first time around.  Have a great Wednesday.

P.S.  Yes, the pictures are all mine. And - there isn't any photo shop touches, simply what showed up on my camera.


Completely Coastal said...
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Completely Coastal said...

I love wind and roaring waves..., then you hear nothing else. Great shots!

michelle said...

Gorgeous photos and I feel the same way. Nothing soothes a soul more than the ocean.

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks Michelle and Maya! My son comes this weekend for a visit, and cannot wait to take him beach combing to some new places that I have discovered since the last time I was here.


Arabella said...

I love your photos, Caron - they work perfectly with the quote...much better than Coastal Living's.

Well done. Hope you have a lovely time with your son and that he is doing well.


Janelle said...

I'm going to re-read Hitchhiker's Guide too!! I just found you today thru this post on fb. Your photos are so beautiful and truly reflect the sentiment!

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