Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ocean Beach Sand Pipers

Last Sunday, I was craving a beach walk. Thank goodness Tom has the ability to recognize that wild crazy look in my eyes..... he poured coffee into travel mugs and pointed the car toward Ocean Beach.

It was a perfect morning.  Sand glistening in the morning sun,  incredible sea blue surf and frothy white waves.

...And sand pipers galore.

Good thing that I was wearing my new spring Sperry Topsiders rubber boots.   I could actually wade in the water to take these photos.   Look how close the birds let me get!

Love the reflection...

This one was my favorite!

Here's a few ideas to bring some sea birds home!


Arabella said...

Love, love, love sandpipers and your photos and products are just delightful, Caron!


Privet and Holly said...

Sweet shots!
And even sweeter
is Tom, "Knowing
that look in my eye...."
How grand to be
at the beach so quickly!

xx Suzanne

Rachael said...

Gorgeous. One day, when I buy myself a coastal home I can fill it with beautiful things like this.

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