Friday, February 3, 2012

Beach House Friday - Film Noir

Another confession... I am a total sucker for 1930's - 1940's era movies.  My perfect Sunday afternoon (when I can't go to the beach) is turning on Turner Classic Movies and catching Nick and Nora sleuthing out some crazy situation while drinking martinis and wearing shimmery satin gowns and jewels.

Or, maybe getting lost on stormy Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and the timeless beauty of Lauren Bacall.  Not to mention Cary Grant (my dream date!), Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story" - I have probably watched this movie 20 times, and it never loses its' luster for me.

This month on TCM is the best because it's 31 days of Oscar!  That's right, when I am working in my office, I am sneaking peaks of some of my favorite movies.  Don't tell on me......

P.S.  I only wish my office looked like this!  Love the big bookshelf with space for coral and shells - and the lamps the remind me of ocean reefs.
(pic from House Beautiful)

So, I got to thinking this morning.  I created a board on Pinterest that is all about Black and White Inspiration, and I thought I would share some of my collection with you.

Think luxury of bygone eras, film noir, elegance, evening gowns, sexy martinis.....   Can't you just see yourself gliding down this fabulous staircase, dripping with jewelry to join the party?   Love!
(pic from Houzz)

Can you imagine stopping to check your lipstick in this glamorous bathroom?  

Breakfast on the veranda after the party? I can see wearing those sexy feather slippers and sipping on a lovely mimosa cocktail.   I know, a little dramatic....

That's the fun with black and white decorating. Alluring, bewitching and just slightly dazzling!

Some of our favorite essential elements to add a little film noir glamour to your beach house!

(pic from House Beautiful)

1. White Coral - NOT real.

2. Black and White Linen Pillows

(including one that has an image a little like Humphrey Bogart!)

3. Coral Lamps

4. Hints of silver and gold

Would love to hear about your favorite movies from the film noir era -  I don't think I am alone in having this secret passion for those enchanting movies!

On my list this weekend (if we can squeeze it in with Superbowl mania!) is possibly a trip to the movies to see "The Artist"  have any of you seen this yet?    What did you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!


prince snow farm said...

Lovely choices...I also love bygone eras. Charming. Classic. Sophisticated.

Mary said...

I'm surprised that I actually like so much black and white. So clean and refreshing. Like you, I LOVE that office. I need that!

michelle said...

Just beautiful! I love that era and my favorite is definitely Key Largo but I also am a total sucker for White Christmas. :)

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