Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Front - Kristin Hannah's Newest Bestseller

Look at what came in the mail this week from my friend Suzanne at Liberty Bay Books, with a lovely note from Kristin Hannah herself!  Before moving to San Francisco, I never missed an author event with Kristin (I am a huge fan!) and Suzanne knew that I was really missing out to not be at the Home Front book event with Kristin last week at the Loft in downtown Poulsbo.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the book cover this morning and found this note from Kristin-
"Caron, Missed you tonight!  xo Kristin"

I purposely have waited until today to indulge myself... I knew that once I picked up Kristin's new book, Home Front, I would be consumed within the pages.  Her writing and her characters, always grab me from the first paragraph when I start reading.   Before I know it, I am immersed in a story that I can easily recognize as real people and real situatio

Home Front begins beside Liberty Bay in Washington State, and  is definitely one of those stories, and one that I think needs to be told, about everyday women and mothers being sent to war.  There's a whole lot more to this engrossing story, but I am only on page 87 and am already dipping into the Kleenex box.

Now I am homesick for Poulsbo, Liberty Bay and downtown Poulsbo.

Congratulations to Kristin Hannah for making Home Front the #1 book on the New York Times Bestseller List!  Suzanne can even get you an autographed copy or  a special autographed note from Kristin if you order the e-book. Visit the Liberty Bay Books site, or give them a call at the store in Poulsbo, 360-779-5909.

More on Home Front in future posts - but I wanted to dash off something quick before the thought got away from me.  I promise, you will be lost in this latest story of Kristin Hannah's too.  Buy a big box of tissues...


Barb said...

Hi Caron, Well, I'll have to read this one for sure since it takes place practically in my back yard! I love Liberty Bag Books. The folks there are so helpful. Next time you are in Poulsbo be sure to try Hot shots Java, just a few door from Liberty Bay Books. We love their mochas!

michelle said...

I have to put this one on my reading list, I only just started reading her books and finished Angel Falls which I loved.
Enjoy your day!

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