Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seashell Natural Decorating

Now that you've collected all the seashells, what to do with them?

Here's 5 of our favorite ideas!

1. Display them in a glass lamp, so easy to change with the seasons.  Add your most prized shells, mix with sea glass or driftwood to create an ever changing display piece.  (Caron's Beach House)

2. Make your own shell mirror.   So easy to create something that can easily be the focal point of your room, by using a large scale frame and large scale shells. Keep it all natural with sand and shore colors, or mix in tropical shells for an island feel.   Love this vignette, with the beachy blues and creamy white shells, not to mention the fabulous tall polished lantern!  (image found on Pinterest)

3. Create a wreath, starting with driftwood.  Collect your own driftwood to create a wreath base, or better yet, start with one that is already pre-made especially if you don't live near a beach where there is ample driftwood to take home.   Get creative with not only shells, but other flotsam and jetsam!

From Everything Coastal (used to be my front door!)

Driftwood Wreaths - Bases Only

4.  Create your very own special shadowbox with your most precious shells.  Love this simple beautiful idea from Danielle Oakley Interiors. The blue background with bleached starfish  is just stunning!

5. Use large glass jars, with interesting lids filled with seashells for bookends.  So simple, functional, and the shells are protected from dust.

Stay tuned for 5 more ideas!


Barb said...

Hi Caron, Thanks so much for the great ideas!! We lived in Florida many years ago but I still have lots of shells in a bag! Now we live in Kitsap Co. Washington and I have collected lots of beautiful sea glass. I love your suggestions.

Down by the sea said...

Wow what wonderful ideas of things to do with shells.
I love your blog so much coastal inspiration.

Completely Coastal said...

Just love the driftwood wreaths..., and then add shells and other finds!!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks Maya - I neglected to post a link to our new "naked" driftwood wreaths. I think they would work great for someone (like me) that doesn't have a great place to store and dry driftwood, or a place to construct the wreath. I do, however know how to work a glue gun to put the extras on the wreath!

Adding the link back to our blog for anyone that is interested.


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love the driftwood wreaths as well. I have some clear lamps but they don't open up. I keep thinking of opening them somehow to put some coral in there. Need to figure that one out!

Kaybe said...

All excellent ideas & very doable. I get asked all the time - "What do I do with all my seashells?" Really.

michelle said...

Beautiful ideas, every one of them! Love the glass lamp and of course driftwood!! :)

Arabella said...

I wrote about collecting seashells today - too funny! I really love all your ideas, wonderful post Caron.


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