Monday, June 29, 2009

Manchester - The Best Kept Secret

Where do I start? I love living here, it is just that simple.

Bought my Manchester view home in December of 1992, my first house all by myself, with 2 small children - what in the world was I thinking? Looked for 8 months for a view home that was in the right price range, and that was actually livable. Now, it wasn't that gorgeous...nice multi-brown shag carpet, brown vinyl flooring, and of course, my favorite item: decorative mushroom tiles in the kitchen. Over the years (and after bucket loads of money) I eventually turned it into the view cottage that was home.

My home has been on the market for nearly a year, this week after chopping the price to smithereens, finally have an offer that I do think will work. So why the tears? Why the heartbreak? Gee whiz - had plenty of time to prepare for this! Kids are moving on, and I can't take the wet and cold anymore, especially can't stand the dark, grey, dreary weather that starts in October and does not let up until May. (not really great at the hibernation thing...) Know in my heart that this is absolutely the right thing to do, but it is still so difficult to make the leap and move on to the next adventure.

Went for a long walk this morning down to my little Manchester beach, desperately trying to sort out all of my feelings . Wow, and more wow. Sun at 7:00 am, streaking across the bay from Seattle, with the skyline just a little bit hazy off to the east, then to look south, Mount Rainer looms above Vashon Island, Colvos Passage and the Southworth ferry dock. How lucky am I? I live here, and have appreciated every single second of the last 16 years.

This morning was so quiet, so peaceful with only the hum of the ferries and sharp callings from the sand pipers to break up the morning calm. As always, I fill my pockets with seaglass, my zen-like activity to try and take my mind off what it is really is working on. Found some great pieces caught and lodged on a small sandspit right near the waters' edge! Always amazed to be the only one on the beach enjoying something so simple, but yet so undeniably perfect.

Manchester is a quiet sleepy community, where everyone knows everyone else. Sometimes, not so good, but most of the time, the best feeling ever. We eat breakfast at the Manchester Family Inn at least twice a month and Donna always knows my order. Donna and my kids make plenty of jokes about my love of chicken fried steak! We have a Post Office, a great Kitsap County Regional Library, a boat ramp, a small park, a tiny mini-mart, a pub and the Manchester Inn. Have spent many nights dancing and drinking red wine with friends, to live music at the Tumblehome room - and then walked home! How perfect is that?

As I am still processing the next steps in my journey, just wanted to declare my undying love for my little town, and am really hoping that who ever ends up in my house will love it and will love living here just like I have.


Julie Carobini said...

Such a sweet post. Here's to your next adventure--may it be as precious as the last!

--Julie C

Anonymous said...

Caron, what a wonderful place to raise your children. It sounds like Manchester will always have a place in your heart. I can see why. ;)


scodal said...

wow look at those crabs! impressive hehe that's something i just dont see here in my city life

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