Thursday, July 2, 2009

Comments from Friends..

My friend Heather sent me this comment about the blog - just had to share...

"Makes my eyes moist.
I used to take piano lessons next to the dock in Manchester. I used to play on the beach during my brothers' lessons, make sand faces with shell eyes and seaweed hair under the dock when it was hot. I ran as fast as I could across the driftwood logs. I know the beach smells, sea urchins in beach gravel, bullwhip kelp, and tiny crabs, and used to look for beach glass too. I know why you'll miss it.

You found profound loveliness living in PO, enjoyed it as well as anyone ever could. I know you will find loveliness in your new home as well because you are you and you know how to see the good stuff."

Wow...this is why I am writing this blog, to be able to share beach memories with good friends, new and old. Have known Heather since I was 5 years old and at South Colby elementary school. By the way, I still live within 5 minutes of that school.....

On to more adventures!

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