Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Salmon Stories from the Northwest!

So excited! My first guest blog from one of my dearest and closest friends. Well, she's actually more like my family... Meet my friend, Melissa Edgerton, gourmet chef and all around great buddy!

Friends don't let friends eat farm-raised Atlantic so-called salmon...really!

Yes, we are all salmon snobs in Seattle, but hey...we're entitled. They spawn in every darn river around here, and every January they swim across the highway in Shelton that always floods. I always know it's winter when that pic hits the news: 3 foot salmon silhouetted against the yellow stripes on the blacktop, with the water a good 5" deep...

My way to cook salmon? I make a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, worcesteshire ("woo" sauce) and white wine. Let your salmon soak in it for about an hour; any longer is too long. Grill til about 5 minutes before your desired done-ness. Top with a big ole spoonful of brown sugar, slam the lid of the grill down and let the sugar melt, carmelize and get a tad crunchy in those fabulous 5 minutes. Devour carefully cause it's hot. This recipe never fails to impress pretty much everyone, and it's realy easy. And wickedly good, especially if you get fancy and throw some alder on the grill. Preferably a nice fresh green twig you've ripped of a tree in a corner of the yard.

That's it, I'm off to the grocery store for a nice fat fillet. Bye!

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