Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whidbey Island Adventure

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Melissa and I took the Mukilteo Ferry to Clinton and had so much fun exploring Whidbey Island! Managed to make the ferry just in time, and did not have time to explore the lighthouse at Mukilteo, but will make sure that we do next time. We are not always the best planners....I am best known for spontaneous day trips! It's only a 20 minute ride across the sound, time enough to grab a map and tourist guide and run back down to the car! Perfect day - 75 degrees with just a slight breeze.

First stop; quick turn right off of the ferry dock to a small beach park in Clinton so that Bella and Tinkerbell (Melissa's puppies!) could run around in the sand. Bella is a total crack up! Found some cool shells and even found my first whole sea urchin - very cool, and also very STINKY! (it's still sitting on my outside deck)

Then on to Langley, one of the fun tourist beach towns to visit on Whidbey. Overlooks the Saratoga passage - awesome view on the road into town with views of the Cascase Mountain range, and lots of marine traffic. Cool boutique shopping, made sure to visit Whidbey Island Soap and The Chocolate Flower Farm , both are homegrown unique original businesses. (please make sure to visit their websites too!) We could have lived in the Chocolate Flower Farm store - omg - total chocolate heaven! Great art galleries, great places to eat. Too bad I am on a budget! Did splurge on delicious ice cream on our way out of town tho... summer time, who can resist?

Off to the beach! Started at South Whidbey Island State Park. Gave up after realizing way too far to walk down to the beach - we are total wimps! There are so many beaches and state parks
on Whidbey, it was easy to drive 5 miles back down the island and find a great sea glass beach - Bush Point State Park. Very nondescript park, but there is a regular bathroom, one of the girl essentials! GORGEOUS walk on the west side of the island facing the Straits of Juan De Fuca, and as we were filling our goodie bags with shells and worn sea glass, we watched 3 Alaska cruise ships go by on their way up North. How cool! Melissa finally understood why for me beach junk hunting is so necessary, commented that it is really is "zen-like". Your mind wanders, enjoying the sun, the soothing sounds of the water and birds while scouring the beach for the ever elusive beach gems.

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