Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Learning to use E-Bay to sell Beach Cottage Merchandise

Brain is on overload! Have a garage full of cool coastal items, but not enough to save for the future CaronsBeachHouse web store, besides I want to bring all new and exciting stuff to the marketplace. So, brilliant idea yesterday (why in the world did I not think of this before??) why don't I simply list it on E-Bay? A little overwhelming, might need several classes and tips on how to make this work...... Thank goodness my friend, Shannon has volunteered to teach me a few tricks!

But in the meantime, here's my first items! Favorite beachgirls - have several and really do not want to pack them in a U-Haul down to San Francisco.

1 comment:

abeachcottage said...

nice to meet you!

good luck with ebay...

happy weeekend from the Beach Cottage


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