Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay

Here we are in one of our favorite spots on the California Coast, Tom's birthday, so I made him drive where I wanted to go.. how does that work? He is such a good sport! (kind of cute too)

Love this place! The Ritz at Half Moon Bay sits on a small bluff overlooking crashing waves on craggy rocks and surrounded by a gorgeous golf course.

Maybe someday I will finally learn how to play golf, have offered to drive the cart, but Tom doesn't think that sounds like very much fun.. Oh, one more note about the golf course; there is a terrific cliff walk all along side of the hotel, but it also is alongside the course. The last time we were at The Ritz/Half Moon Bay, we almost got hit by a flying golf ball. Beware of this - might take a little of the romance out of your day if one happens to land on your head!

Check out the incredible views from the dining room! Love to sit in the bar or in the casual dining room and just simply drink in the views of the water and sea birds playing in the wind. Lots of brown pelicans swooping overhead - so fun to watch! We have always enjoyed everything that we have ordered here, including the flank steak accompanied by glasses of zinfandel that we had on Saturday. Can abosolutely recommend the coffee drinks for a cold stormy day!

My favorite thing to do at the Ritz, is to sit outside by the roaring fire pits, talk to other beach lovers and drink some hot SPIKED chocolate. Yum!

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