Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day at Harper Beach...

Like so many May day's in the Puget Sound...a little cold, a little damp, and a little gray. Perfect day for a beach walk with family and friends. (what day isn't?)

Headed with the kids and Melissa to the beach at mom and dad's, a little mishap on the way down the hill though. Grizzly, Allison's little white dog of indiscriminate heritage, found something stinky to roll in. Well, we were at the beach... the funniest part was that Allison had dressed him up in some kind of sailor suit! Last time we took him, he found a wonderfully dead starfish. Both times, Grizzly promptly had a bath. Keeping a supply of dog shampoo at my house just in case!

Melissa's dog, Bella had the best time trying to chase down one of our Canadian Geese. Pretty funny as Bella is only about 4 inches tall, and she chased that goose right into the sound! One swipe from that goose and she would have been a goner.

Sometimes the simplest things can make us so happy; the constant soothing sound of shifting tides and waves, lifting up rocks to catch scurrying rock crabs, the never-ending search for chunks of seaglass and pacific northwest shells. Hope your mother's day was spent doing the things you love too!

Dang! Forgot the seaglass and shells at mom's!

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