Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain in May...Pacific Northwest Mornings

Wish I could say that this is what the sunrise looked like today out of my bedroom window, unfortunately it is so socked in with rain and fog, I can't even see Blake Island or Bainbridge Island! Forget about Seattle... totally lost in the rain clouds. So cold that Alex had to build a fire last night!

Headed down to Dana's Beach Cottage Furniture to rescue the little bit of inventory that I still have from my old store, "Caron's...the finest in coastal living". Not sure what to do with it? Maybe e-bay? There's not enough of it to worry about keeping for the new website.

Hoping to head to Seattle next week and start perusing home decorating inventory ideas for! How many of our vendors are still in business? How many of them will concede to drop-shipping packages for me so that we won't be overloaded in inventory? Exciting adventure to be sure!

Class tonight! Determined to make all of the numbers work to make the dream happen.

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