Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decorating with Seaglass and Beach Treasures

Decided that my friends Kathy Jackson, and Cathy Edgren needed their story told today. Kathy and Cathy are famous for their adventurous beach walks, long treks along Whidbey Island, Hood Canal, North Beach in Port Townsend are just a few of the many Northwest shores visited. They have even kayaked into some remote beaches and have gotten caught many times by the tide. After every beach walk and lots of girl talk, (the best part) pockets and bags were full of beach junk; fishing lures and old hooks, chunks of seaglass, clam shells, oyster shells, rusting bottle caps, beat-up pieces of pottery, limpet shells and lots of little pieces of tide-worn driftwood.

Now what to do with all of this seaside "rubbish"? Too cool to discard - they had to find a way to show off all of this neat stuff, Beach Biscuits was created! Check out my wreath on the front door of my house, I even have a cool kitchen clock surrounded by driftwood and beach treasures. These wreaths sold in my store, "Caron's" incredibly fast and I was always fascinated to see what the "Beach Biscuits" would come up with next. A few of my most favorite things were a very large mirror surrounded by layer upon layer of dark blue Puget Sound mussel shells and a cool granite rock lamp that Kathy had made with her seashell hand-painted shade. Wish I still had pictures!
Beach Biscuits eventually expanded into hand-painted signs on driftwood - one of the signs was even featured in the Oregon Pacific Beach house that "Caron's" supplied for Coastal Living Magazine's Dream House in September of 2006. That was an incredible experience for all of us that were invited to the "Grand Opening" party!
Kathy and Cathy are still making their gorgeous beach treasures and they can be found at some local stores, (I think maybe still on Whidbey Island) or can be reached by e-mail: I am hoping that they will let me feature their beach artistry on my upcoming website:! Stay tuned coastal fans!


beachnriver said...

The beachcombing wreath is just gorgeous. I hope you post photos and price to sell on Twitter. Good luck!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. These wreaths will be on my future website: - hoping to have up and running within next few months.

Have enjoyed following you on twitter!

Smashgirl said...

Love the wreath! I enjoy reading your blog since I'm a beach lover too, glad I found you on twitter:)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have pictures or websites that give ideas for authentic looking tabby oyster shell and/ or sea glass fireplace surrounds/mantles that are not too contrived looking? I want to build one that "looks old"...the ones I've found online are too perfect or formal for my laid back simple style.

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