Friday, October 24, 2014

Shells and Tiny Pumpkins Create A Fall Centerpiece

1. Step One: Find the really dirty, dusty, tarnished silver plated tray that I have been hauling around for 10 years.  (Where in the world could I have stashed it this time?)  Tom finds it under the bed...

2. Apply elbow grease to black tarnish.  Ewww.... sort of disgusting. Gosh, I hope this works!

3. Go to farm for fanciful pumpkins. (need cute boyfriend to push wheelbarrow!)

4. Dig out fall collection of amber, yellow, brown and sea green sea glass (box in the garage?)

5. Find collection of shells (I keep a pile of neutral bleached out pieces for fall) and interesting pieces of found driftwood. Believe it or not, the acorns were collected on one of our forays to Angel Island this summer - could not resist putting them in my picnic basket before we came home.

6. Add Candles.


A new centerpiece for our coffee table this Autumn at our new home. 
I love doing this every year, as it gives me a chance to sift through our found sea glass and shell memories as we create more...

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