Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Ideas for A Coastal Fall Entry Way

Now that we've moved to the beach and have a "real" front door again, it's been fun to scour Pinterest for ideas to create a welcoming front door, and foyer area again.

Here' my collection of fall entry inspiration plus a sneak preview of what our porch is starting to look like....

From Better Homes and Gardens - because an Autumn front porch doesn't always have to have only traditional fall colors.  LOVE the fall foliage in bright purples and deep greens..

So pretty!  Fill a basket with fall leaves and tuck in a starfish, simple idea - I could probably even pull this look off.  Now to find a basket.... (both images from

For those of us (me) that did not have time to carve their pumpkins, this looks like a great idea from Southern Living Magazine.   Simply hollow out a space for hurricanes and fill with a candle.  Might try this with "flameless" candles at our house...

From; fabulous mix of colors for the beach!  My fave of course, turquoise and tangerine. Fill tin buckets and baskets with fall elements and mix in some pretty shells - voila'!

From - the fall art gallery wall is so cool! Can just imagine these frames filled with pictures of our family mixed in with the leaves and I would also add pics of beach-washed shells.

From - cool idea for our non-traditional fall location!  We don't really have the "normal" kind of fall leaves here, maybe this kind of green leafy wreath would be perfect!  I do have sea urchin shells and lots of starfish that I could add.... hmm.

Gosh, I wish our porch was large enough to add chairs!   One of my all time favorite homes from New England Home Magazine.

I wish...... from Inspired Room

Really bad lighting, but you get the idea of where I am starting...


Hopefully it will stop raining before the trick or treaters get here!  

P.S. Yes, the rug can be found on our site - LOVE these colors for fall!  

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