Monday, October 20, 2014

Dinner Party at the Beach

Maureen and Peter come to dinner, bearing gifts of Chardonnay and flowers on a warm sun-filled early October evening on our California coast.

So excited!  Our first official dinner party guests to our new tiny place in Half Moon Bay. The company was wonderful, the Cioppino turned out DELISH, and I think a good time was had by all.

Tom and Peter watching the last bit of sun drop into the Pacific - incredibly gorgeous! Have to pinch ourselves at how lucky we are to be so close to the ocean

My cute octopus has been waiting for months in a box in my office - just needed the right time (and the right company to show off for!) to light all his candles.

 New Coquille Pitcher.  Served ice water, but think this gorgeous piece would also look great with a bouquet of fresh flowers...

From our new collection of linen placemats and oversized napkins.... (hoping to have napkin rings on our site very soon!)

Super, super easy to make - just start with great seafood.   I recommend sticking with what is in season, and what is on sale.  For our party with Maureen and Peter, I used salmon, clams, mussels, large scallops and large prawns.  No crab legs as they are not in season right now, and sometimes it is a bit more than messy to have the crab legs in the Cioppino with dinner guests.

Also must have - fresh sour dough bread for dipping! We are very lucky to have several bakeries in our little town.  I grabbed a wonderful, still warm, loaf at Moonside Bakery off Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay to share with Maureen and Peter.  YUM.

Served an Mediterranean chopped salad in our new Octopus Bowl and Crabby Servers from our Sea and Shore Collection.  (could not resist having these for our house! )

Maureen even brought dessert!  Way too cute - and super yummy.

That was so fun, and we were sorry to see them leave....Can't wait until our next dinner party with friends! 


jmac said...

No fair!!! YOu have the cutest dishware!!!

That octopus candlelabra? Me want. Me need. Me must have one!!!
You selling those on your site??

Unknown said...

nice idea.
Not A Box

Caron's Beach House said...

jmac - So glad you like our Octopus! I am hoping that we have more of these after the first of the year. Right now I only have the one on my table for a sample.... LOVE

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