Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coastal Decorating Tip for Fall: Add Knit Layers

No need to completely redo your living space for fall; stick with your nautical design, just add layers of softness with cozy throws and pillows.  Knits are so darn versatile! Soft, cozy and often times knit throws are created with reversible sides for another coastal look without changing a thing.

Like these pretty knit throws and large pillows in wide stripes of blues, red, ivory and grey.  Perfect fall decorating compliments to mix in!

Traditional nautical designs work too!  Can't really go wrong with dark navy blue and ivory, as I think navy almost acts like a neutral backdrop to most other colors; pairs well with fall orange shades, driftwood shades, warm wood tones, seagrass and natural elements of the coast. 

Don't forget about knit pillows! Super soft and perfect for lounging on the couch with a cup of tea...

Simple knits work great too, you probably already have a throw stashed in a closet. Bring it out and enjoy it for this fall! An ivory cable knit throw is one of my essentials to add in our living room for every season, goes with everything and just makes me feel a little extra special. 

No need to always add pumpkins or orange shades to make it seasonal, just warm up your room with extra layers. Then get ready to watch seaside storms with a great book, a cozy fire and with your special somebody.

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