Thursday, November 6, 2014

Get the Look - French Seaside Style!

We're off on a jet plane today, leaving San Francisco and headed to the City of Lights, Paris.   Tom and I have known about this for quite awhile, and have planned for months to make this all happen - can't believe we are actually leaving this afternoon!

What to do! Am overwhelmed with all of the culture, museums, cafes, wine and window shopping, and maybe a little more shopping...

Have been scanning Pinterest and have had my trusty French Seaside Style book open for inspiration for treasures that I might have to bring home in my suitcase....linens, handbags, perfume, travel posters - possiblities are endless.  Hmmm... maybe I had better unpack some stuff out of my suitcase so that I have more space! Or maybe I could just pick up another suitcase?

Enjoy my eye-candy collection! All sources for blogs and photography can be found on my Pinterest Board, "Get the Look - French Seaside Style"

We are going with guidebooks, maps, and pages of notes and lots of tips from friends. (also several pairs of comfy shoes!)  Hope that a week will at least give us a little taste of what there is to experience in Paris!  Can't wait to discover the bookstalls, the art and the myriad of flea markets throughout the city.   Promise to take lots of pics to share when we get back!

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