Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photo Shoot at Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Alex at Half Moon Bay
A few weeks ago, my son Alex came out to stay for a few days of beach adventures along our Northern California coast.  Including a sunny (but very windy!) afternoon photo shoot at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, just a tiny bit south of Pescadero and north of Santa Cruz.  He's a pretty darn good photo-website assistant!

Here he is helping me find purple sea urchins for my "Sea Urchin Fascination" post...

Alex and I stuffed the mini-cooper with piles of our new tangerine orange and deep navy blue sea pillows. Not sure how we got them all in there! (greatest car EVER)  Packed up our ham and cheese sandwiches in our beach picnic backpack and we were off, down Coastal Hwy 1.

Pigeon Point is one of my favorite spots on our coast - I could go there every single day and see something different; pelicans, sea gulls, sea lions and of course, chubby harbor seals soaking up the sun.

Just a week before Alex arrived, Tom and I were out on a Sunday drive to Santa Cruz, we stopped here for
a quick lunch break.  SO lucky that day -  we were treated to a display of water spouts, breaching whales, and tails from spring grey whale migration!  Moms and babies traveling very close to shore on their way north to Alaska  for the summer.  Unfortunately, the water was so wild that day that it was impossible to get any good images to share.

At the Las Vegas market in January, we discovered a bright summer collection of pillows from a small manufacturer in the Midwest. I like supporting American made products, and I really liked the care and attention to detail that the owners have put into selecting fabrics and creating the finished pillows.  Bonus - they are affordable at $56-$68.00, depending on the design and size of the pillow.  Many other pillow companies that we looked at put the retail price of similar pillows beyond $90.00 +.   Our online coastal home decor store is the first website that this family-owned company has worked with.  I am very excited about our new partnership.

There is a wonderful circle of benches at the Lighthouse park overlooking Prisoner Rocks -  a perfect spot out of the wind to take the photos.   

For a complete selection and pricing check  "Caron's Collection - Coastal Pillows".  We hope you like them too!

Have a great Tuesday.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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