Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's in My Beach Bag? Surf Spray!

Why do I have short hair? Because I am always at the beach, and I would rather spend what free time that I do
have,  playing in the sand, and not in front of the mirror. Besides my hair is always in my eyes - pretty difficult to look for sea glass or shells when my bangs are blowing in the way!

I have been spoiled for years by my friend James, owner of Sugar Daddy's Salon in Port Orchard, Washington. It is so bad, that I wait patiently until I go home to Seattle to have my hair cut and styled 4 times a year... I am such a baby. I haven't really tried very hard to find the right stylist here in California!

The last time I was home, James found me a new miracle hair care styling product so that I can actually "look" like I have just been at the beach - every day!  And it works great for days when I do go to the beach for that messy-styled look,  keeping my hair where it's supposed to go in the wind and salt air.

In my beach bag - Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble!

I just spray it in my hair either when it's dry and needs a little extra "oomph", or when it's still damp and I am in a hurry running out the door. (always!)

Here's James' advice for how to get a great beachgirl look - 

5 Easy Steps to Beachy Babeness!
(image courtesy of Bumble and Bumble)

1.  Shampoo with BB Surf Foam Wash and condition with BB Surf Creme Rinse (rinse out immediately for the maximum sea-feel)
2. Towel dry and apply BB Surf Spray to the roots and ends
3. Scrunch a small amount of BB Grooming Creme to the ends
4. Twist hair away from face and blow dry
5. Finish with a misting of BB Surf Spray or polish the look with some outer barrel curls using your curling iron, and run hands gently through your hair to break up the curls

To get your very own Surf look - it's so easy to order online from Sugar Daddy's Salon,  Just look for the "Shop Bumble and Bumble" button located conveniently on the right hand side of their home page - then simply search for "Surf" and all of the products will come right up on B & B's site.

This is way more fun than spending more time trying to get gorgeous!

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Arabella said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this secret to beach hair. I have short hair for the same reason as you!

Happy Memorial Day weekend. :)

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