Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Annie Glass - Art for the Table

Last Saturday, Melissa and I headed out on another one of our adventures! Our destination goal; Watsonville to go to the Annie Glass factory and showroom for their annual Mother's Day Sale.   Have you ever seen Annie Glass?  Oh mi.... beautiful fluid shells shapes and designs, perfect for coastal lovers!  I have been drooling over the coastal tabletop pieces of artwork for years, and was so excited to go and see the factory.

Jumped in the trusty Pontiac GTP - muscle girl car, headed to Hwy 1, taking the road down past Santa Cruz... (No Walt, I still have not scraped the PONTIAC off of the windshield!)  Sunroof open, and CD blaring to Allison Krause and Robert Plant, one of my new birthday presents...

Stop 1: Had to show Melissa Pigeon Point Lighthouse.   It was soooo windy - thought we would get blown right over the side! We were freezing - not so good thinking on the shorts!

Everything is blooming, yellow and purple lupine, wild iris, beach roses, wild strawberry, fuchsia and yellow succulents....

Stop 2: Swanton Berry Farms  Love stopping here! Homemade jam tasting, strawberry cider, strawberry pie, dipped chocolate strawberries, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry pie.  Need I say more?  Look at what we bought - YUM! Chocolate, walnut and coconut covered strawberries!  Yeah, but it might have been  a mistake to try and drive while attempting to eat this beauty. I was wearing my new WHITE Ralph Lauren sweater, and IT was wearing strawberry and chocolate! Melissa spent about 30 minutes with the super-duper Tide pen, and managed to get all of the stains out.  Reminder to self: I really need one of those things in my purse.

Stop 3: Hunger was getting the best of me, becoming painfully obvious (getting a little grouchy)  that we would have to eat before getting to Watsonville. Lucky for me, Melissa loves a good bacon cheeseburger, just like me! (you can only eat these with your real friends)  Jumped off of the freeway at Aptos, just past Capitola and Santa Cruz to find the Snow White Drive-In, right at the entrance to Sea Cliff State Beach.  We each ordered a bacon cheese burger and fries and then drove along the cliff in Aptos to park and watch the surf.  Incredible clear, sunny day, bright aqua blue ocean stretching out before us. Cool neighborhood, I could easily live here!

Wonderful burgers, you guessed it - more stuff on the front of my white sweater. Melissa gave up on me,  threw it in the backseat.

Stop 4: On to Annie Glass!  Easy to find, right off of Hwy 1 on Harvest Drive.  Parked the car, and went inside - big bummer though, no Mother's Day Sale this year.  Still great to see all of the pieces - and I hope Annie doesn't mind that I am using their images on the website to show you - my camera battery died before we got here.

Shell and Rock Collection - look how pretty these are! 

Ultra Marine Collection... wow

Sea Life Collection - reminds me of being at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, also reminds me of how fragile our sea life really is, and how much of our world depends on the health of our oceans..

Annie Glass has teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to create this whole line of unique "sea inspired" dinnerware - 25% of each item will be donated in support of the Seafood Watch Program.  This is a great program (and iphone app!) in support of eating healthy seafood and making better choices for sustainability.  I use my iphone app all of the time; at the grocery store and when we are out to eat at a restaurant.

I don't currently carry Annie Glass on the Caron's Beach House site, but you can certainly order from the Annie Glass site, or search the site for a retailer close to you!  Here's the web address:   The highlight of my day? Annie came out to the car and helped us navigate back into Santa Cruz, with all kinds of fun suggestions for shopping and wine tasting.   Felt like I was meeting a celebrity! 


P.S. Coastal Living Magazine also featured these Seafood Watch pieces in the editorial section of the April 2010 issue.  Here's a link to some of the sustainable seafood recipes that they are featuring this month: Sustainable Seafood Dishes


Privet and Holly said...

What a dreamy day....chocolate stains, and all! I especially like the first two images of the Annie Glass. Almost magical! I will definitely pop over there and take a peek. Thanks for the introduction! Have a wonderful rest of the week.
xx P&H

Maya said...

Sounds like such a nice trip..., except for the wind perhaps! Love your first shot -so beautiful. And the glassware is gorgeous!

Jojo said...

I love Annie Glass! It's my girlfriend's signature wedding gift and what a nice gift to receive.

Those strawberries look like they are to die for!

simpledaisy said...

What a fabulous day!!
And her work is fabulous!!!

Maya said...

I posted some your flea market finds at Alameda!! Love that crazy fish, haha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Annieglass! What a treat to meet THE Annie!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

What a fun day! I've never heard of Annie Glass so thanks for the introduction...the pieces are fabulous.

Have a beachy weekend!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Annie said...

It makes me so happy to see others get excited about my work. I don't mind your using the images from my site at all! Spreading the word about sustainable seafood is very important. Thank you for helping to get the word out.

Anniemglas said...

I have to tell you about my evening at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Cooking for Solutions event last Friday. It is the 9th year and I am kicking myself for not having gone sooner- the food, the wine, meeting all the celebrity chefs! I did not even get all the way through it! The ENTIRE aquarium was set up with booths from the best restaurants from Boston to Carmel....and equal amount of excellent wineries, oysters, strawberry farms, all food related. It is the tastiest fundraiser I have ever been to.
Annie Morhauser

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