Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our View from Nepenthe - Magic on the Big Sur

Tom and I spent a beautiful March weekend on the Central Coast at the Cayucous Sea Glass Festival and decided to drive home on Hwy 1. What we did not expect was the crazy spring weather,  or the stress of driving on the edge of the continent in a cloud bank.  Sharp hairpin turns, no guard rail, lots of road construction and rock slides; yep, it was more than a little bit scary. After driving for many miles in peasoup thick fog along the windy, steep rocky coastline of Hwy 1 we were ready to get out of the mini-cooper. (quickly)

So when we finally arrived in Big Sur, we just wanted out of the car. Did not care where we stopped. Since it was my turn at the wheel,  I decided to turn into the driveway of the first restaurant sign we saw.  

Oh mi... sometimes an simple bend in the road leads to a magical place... Nepenthe.  Driving up into the clouds was worth it for this view above the sea.  The California fruit and cheese platter with a glass of Central Coast Pinot Noir was not too bad either.

We are headed back next weekend!  Can't wait.

P.S.  I could not resist buying their cookbook in their gift shop - a history of Nepenthe, sprinkled with some fabulous family recipes.  

My Nepenthe, by Romney Steele - can also be found online at Liberty Bay Books.

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