Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cannon Beach Boutique Shopping

We spent a few hours yesterday walking around Cannon Beach Oregon's cute shopping district.  Lots of t-shirts, gallery art, salt water taffy, ice cream and yummy treats at the Cannon Beach Bakery (more on this subject later!)  - not to mention highly entertaining people watching..

I am always on the hunt for "coastal decorating" boutiques. NOT boutiques full of plastic pirates, weird looking mermaids,  bags of shells from the Philippines, and a few beach towels.  Hate those.  So disappointing to find just another beach souvenir shop, packed full of "stuff" that you would never, ever put in your house.

Tucked a few steps back off of the main street at the end of a flagstone courtyard, surrounded by overflowing  blooming Pacific Northwest flowers, we discovered an inviting gem in Cannon Beach.  M. Smith Interiors

Chocked full of lovely Michael Aram treasures (some of my favorite coastal tabletop pieces!), soft hand knit cozy throws for stormy Oregon Coast weather, pretty blue and white ginger jars, and handcrafted local "driftwood" furniture pieces,  this store did a fabulous job of display and creating an elegant beach house atmosphere.  Surprisingly affordable beautiful home decor and tabletop in a "tourist" town.

I am surmising that this interior design studio really is trying to attract local home and second home owners on this stretch of the Oregon Coast, in addition to the throngs of seaside customers that flock to Cannon Beach.

Just have to show you all one of my favorite vignette corners in the boutique!  Love the combination of the neutral toned framed seashell art, white beaded coral pillows, coupled with the splash of nautical in the rope detailed cloche.  Especially admired the weathered-look buffet dressed up with mirrored doors, and the worn soft inviting leather wing back chairs.  Can't you just imagine curling up here with a good mystery novel on a tempestuous ocean night? (now to find some good Oregon Pinot Noir...)

Close up shot of the top of the buffet, with a simple mirrored tray and the roped cloche covering up a chunk of coral.  I might have used a big local shell under the glass instead of the coral to keep it more in line with the Oregon Coast.  What do you think?  

Have a great Sunday - we are off for more adventures in the Northwest all week!

M. Smith Interiors
219 North Hemlock
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
Phone: 503-436-1908

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Barb said...

That looks like a great place to visit!

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