Monday, July 23, 2012

Ah Ha! Another idea for Driftwood

Hi everyone! Just popping in for a minute, but had to show you these creative driftwood benches that we spotted yesterday in Pescadero at one of my favorite shopping haunts, Luna Sea.  This tiny shop housed in a vintage cottage on the main street in town, Sea is stocked full of interesting creative pieces from local artists in Northern California; paintings, hand blown glass, yard art and so much more!

I can't find a website for them - so sorry!  Here's a link to shopping in Pescadero that might be helpful though -

 Trying to guess what the numbered board in the middle must have been. Any ideas?  
Like the old buoy accent on the side too! 
Same artist, with the twist of using an distressed painted red shutter and accenting the bench with big abalone shells, and a red and white buoy.

So wish I had a place for one of these!  Would pile them with coastal outdoor pillows, sit my hot chocolate mug on the driftwood arms, and enjoy a summer sunset while cuddling up with someone I love.

Have a great Monday!


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

A depth gauge for a river I think - it could also have been used for measuring little children...

Everything Coastal said...

Tricia -
Wouldn't that be a fun idea for kids?? We have a wall in my parents kitchen that is covered with all of our names, ages and heights. A painted board like this would have been pretty awesome!


Alison said...

Numbered boards like that are all over the south. When I was in Texas, they were on every low water crossing and "known to flood" area of a road to mark how deep the flood waters were. When they get those torrential downpours flooded creeks (often formerly dry creek beds) are a regular occurrence. The public need markers to show them how deep the water is, mottos to tell them what to do "Turn around, don't drown!", and still many get stuck and need a rescue.

designchic said...

Love this idea of recycling and such a great look!!

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