Thursday, July 19, 2012

Driftwood and Rope Bouquets

A few weeks ago, Tom and I spent a wonderful early summer, sunny afternoon climbing around the rocks at Pescadero Beach.  I managed to bring home another bag of interesting driftwood pieces. (you don't want to see my trunk...)  Tom even convinced me to throw in some washed up pieces of twisted turquoise rope that we found stuck in the rock crevices.
Originally, I had some crazy idea that I would make a driftwood mirror for our bedroom.  Changed my mind quickly upon realization that maybe, just maybe, I was a little over-ambitious.  Who knows where my glue gun is?  Or how in the world do I find the time?  Or the space to make that happen?
Came up with these "bouquets" instead!

Set of inexpensive clear cylinder vases from Ikea and voila'!

What do you think?  I can still make the mirror later this summer or next fall, but in the meantime I can enjoy the natural shapes of the driftwood, and remember the great time that we had at the beach that day gathering up everything.  Tom convinced me to the rope home, so glad that I did - it matched everything else in our house, and it was such a creative way to recycle beach "garbage".  

Thank you to Tricia Rose of Cabin on the Water for the fabulous nautical "W" linen pillows on my couch.  Thank you so much for entertaining Allison and I at your welcoming beach cottage on a very rainy afternoon. Especially want to thank you for your encouragement and friendship!  

The other pillows can be found at our store - I could not resist them!

Have a great Thursday!  


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I love the true, clear colour of the ropes with driftwood Caron, you are right, they do go with everything! I love that they are so real too - I bet they even smell of the sea...

Completely Coastal said...

I know... I'd love to make more from beach finds too!! The vases are great! So is the pillow combo!!

Everything Coastal said...

Tricia - they are better now that we left them out on the deck for a few weeks!

Everything Coastal said...

Thank you!!

Beach House Living said...

I like them! Easy to change on a whim.

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