Friday, August 13, 2010

Pesacadero.... a Not-So-Hidden Jewel just off of Highway 1

Gosh!  I am so sorry, have been neglecting all of you this week!  So much to write about, where do I start?

How about taking you all to Pescadero?  Downtown Pescadero is a one-street, 3 block town - population of around 2000, but in the summers (especially on the weekends!) the streets swell with visitors. Pescadero is about 15 miles south of Half Moon Bay, simply drive down Highway 1 and turn left at the beautiful sandy beaches and rocks of Pesadero State Park. Can't miss it! Discover the fabulous Arcangeli Grocery Store, The Made in Pescadero store, fun antique and specialty stores,  enjoy some live music, stop in at the famous Duarte's tavern, and then head back to the beach for a stroll.....

Just have to show you a one of my favorite things from the Made in Pescadero store!  Every piece of furniture  in this showroom is absolutely, beautifully handcrafted of exotic and  native woods, and can be custom made to your specifications.  Art, pottery, photography, pillows, and quilted art round out their gallery offerings. 

 I loved these gorgeous lamps with the seashell  pottery embedded into the base of the lamp, the shade is copper painted with cork layered on top - so pretty.

Acangeli Grocery Company, open since 1929.  I can honestly tell you that the last time we drove down to Pescadero, this destination was the reason why. Their shelves are filled with specialty foods, sauces, honey, jelly and fresh baked bread, local wine, local  and local produce. Where to start?? 

Beautiful local juicy black plums..

Pepper-Cot Sauce. We brought home Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce.  Oh Mi - had bbq'd chicken with this sauce lathered on top,  with a side of fresh corn on the cob this week;  thought we were in heaven!

Artichoke Pesto bread - $3.49!  How could anyone resist this?  We hoard it until every bite is consumed...

Fig, pear,raspberry, strawberry, peach, apple preserves.... so incredibly good!   
We brought home local sage yummy honey, the artichoke bread, the sauce and 
bleu-cheese stuffed olives (Tom's favorites with his martinis!).

Then we stumbled down the street to an antique shop that we had not been in before.  Of course, I was drawn inside, I cannot resist antiquing, you never know what you might find!  We met Judy Seyk, one of the owners of Vintage Collection, and simply had a great time visiting with her.

Look at these! Vintage oars stuck in a pottery crock accompanied by a vintage croquet set.

Fabulous!   REAL badminton shuttle cocks with real feathers.  I had never seen anything like these, Judy thought I was pretty silly for taking all of the pictures, but I could just not help myself!  Loved the badminton rackets too, brought back many happy memories of hot summer days in my grandmother's backyard.

This was my real find of the day though!  Perfectly nautical lantern, constructed of copper that is now all weathered and turned to that lovely shade of verdigris. Can you see the label on the top, "Masthead"?  Wait until it's all cleaned up and the light is working again!

Now back to walk on beach. Truly this is one of my favorites stops on Highway 1, we've even driven down here after work for a picnic. Yes, we do bring wine and plastic glasses to go along with our picnic dinner -

Looking North

Great shells and tiny pieces of driftwood to find.  These mussel shells are about 4 inches long

We didn't find this piece of glass here, but I do take a lot of sea glass and product photos on this beach.  The picture should give you an idea of how fine the sand is...

Sunset is simply marvelous to watch here!

Thanks for coming with me! 


Drawn to The Sea said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful... to stand there & actually experience that sunset must have been breathtaking...

Professor Beach said...

Hi Caron - great data and photos from Pescadero Beach. I've been to Half Moon Bay - love to watch the video's of the Maverick Surfers there. Never been to Pescadero Beach - will have to check it out next time in the area. Thanks for Sharing

Shellbelle said...

Nothing in the world compares to a drive down Hwy 1, thanks for taking us along and for the memories. I don't really remember the town, but the beach there, as well as, all along the coast is magnificent!

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Caron, Oh I'm so jealous, it looks like perfection. Seriously!!! What a wonderful part of the world. Great shots too. What a sunset. Pruxxx

Beach House Living said...

Looks like a great place. Nice lantern find!

Candi said...

Gorgeous post! I'm ashamed to say I'm from Northern California and have never been down Highway 1 or Pescadero for that matter. This is now next on my list of places I need to visit!

Salt Water Taffy said...

I don't get to make it to the beach often, so this virtual trip was a treat! Lovely photos and looking forward to seeing your lantern cleaned up and working. What a find!

Tina D said...

Thanks for all the great visuals. The starfish seems kinda creepy though when they are that big. I miss the coast, the beach always gave me peach.

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