Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing Crabby Chris - My New Beachgirl Featured Artist!

Amazing how networking works!  I received the nicest e-mail a few weeks ago from my new friend Chris, who was referred to me by a wonderful customer from my old Poulsbo store.  Wow! We have so much in common - we hit it off immediately,(beachgirls and mermaids usually do!)  and now I am featuring her incredible talent for making beautiful, durable, affordable, and long lasting beach cottage pillows on the Caron's website.

All hand-painted in bright bold colors on Camano Island, in Washington State, Chris uses her trusty camera to walk out on a low tide to capture images of Puget Sound sealife; red dungeness crabs, bleached white sand dollars, big colorful starfish. She then renders these sea creatures on her fabulous indoor/outsdoor pillows.  And, I do mean fabulous!

 Here's a little bit more about Chris, in her own words - and then I will show you all her beach house pillows featured on my site!

"Born in Oregon way back in the previous century, my background is in interior design and soft crafts, which I designed for national publications. Have made my home on a very big sand spit and two islands in Washington State. Love to catch, euthanize, cook and eat Dungeness crabs, just as I have been doing since my early days on the Oregon coast. Sorry, no work allowed during crabbing season! As to how I got my nickname, it was tossed at me and just stuck. I'm not cantankerous; I'm actually alarmingly cheerful. I render images of decapod crustacea, their associates and environs in fabric, paint, photography, flotsam, pulp, enamel, line art, verse, and a few media I haven't tried yet!"

In the Pacific Northwest  kabillions of seastars can be found and they come in all colors! One beautiful summer's day on a very low tide Chris  found an orchid-colored one that measured 18" across! But the ones that best set off her  favorite Adirondack chairs are these guys in blended blues. They definitely make a bold statement; the smaller stars measure 9.5" across and the large one 13"!

Blue Starfish Pillow

Measuring 19" x 19", this fabulous beach cottage pillow is stuffed with polyester fiberfill in its own removable polypropylene casing; a simple spot cleaning or even a hosedown will keep it looking fresh season after season. Drawn from Chris' live model, Fabio, he is rendered in bold red and trimmed in charcoal for a very non-beige accent. Looks great on your deck, patio, garden bench, hammock, rowboat or beach blanket.

Bold Red Crab Pillow

We love this dungeness crab hiding among Puget Sound rock weed! This 19" x 19" acrylic all-weather throw pillow is handpainted, stuffed with polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing. Wears well outdoors and in; a hose-down or spot cleaning is usually all that is required to keep it fresh!

Hidden Among the Seaweed....

We LOVE these beach cottage pillows! I think this one might be my favorite! (Well, I am kinda partial to the crabs too...) Chris has depicted a trio of sand dollars on a 19" square pillow in nontoxic textile paint!  The commercial all-weather fabric is equally at home on your sun washed deck as your custom leather seating. Easy to care for with just a spot clean, quick hosing or gentle wash in cool water; lay flat to dry. Not a reprint or transfer, but her original. 

See what I mean?  I am so excited about being able to feature Chris' work on my website.  All of her  19 x 19 pillows are washable - the outside cover, and the insert, super long lasting, all original artwork.  Also, incredibly affordable at only $44.00 - some of the pillows are even customizable!

Come check out all of the different sealife she's painted in our "Beach House Pillow" category http://www.caronsbeachhouse.com/servlet/the-Coastal-Decorating-cln-Beach-House-Decor-Pillows/Categories

Thanks for stopping by!


Erin | Bygone Living said...

Wow, they're beautiful! I especially love the starfish one!

Anonymous said...

These are really beautiful - and each is handpainted?! She needs to charge more!

Sea Gem Studio - Diana said...

Love those pillows! The sand dollar is my fav. What a great find! Off to figure out how many I need, no want, No NEED...

Beach House Living said...

My vote is for the sand dollar pillow not just the motif but I like the more subdued colors.

Drawn to The Sea said...

Lots of talent in those hands... something for everyone, color-wise. I too love the subtle sand dollars.

Salt Water Taffy said...

Sounds like a fun new friend, Caron! And such talent- I hope to own one of her pillows soon. The crab hidden among the seaweed is calling my name!

Everything Coastal said...

So glad you all liked Chris' wonderful pillows - I am pretty excited about the opportunity to offer them to my customers!


Flotsam Friends said...

Wow these are beautiful... Don't know how I could pick a favourite and although I love the sand dollar my eye keeps going back to "Hidden among the seaweed". Pruxxx

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