Monday, June 8, 2009

Lido Key and Florida Thunderstorms

Have a funny story to tell.... used to be a newbie to Florida thunder and lighting storms, not anymore.

You know me, beach walks are not always just for walking, have to pick up every cool shell or piece of glass that I can find. Might be there for hours, quickly lose track of time, and lose track of how far I have walked down the beach. If anyone has been to Lido Key, outside of Sarasota, Florida, you might have noticed all of the shells that roll up in the surf, fascinating colors and shapes. This really is one of my favorite walking/shelling beaches, even if you do have to watch out for little searays buried in the sand. Olive shells are some of my very favorite to collect, and this is where I have found such an abundance of them! Can't ever seem to leave the beach with just a few, and then a few more.. (This wreath is an example of what my mom did with one of one of the olive shells that I found-too pretty to just sit in a box)

Trying to be a fashion plate a few years ago at Lido Key beach. Cute black bathing suit, and huge black straw hat.. you get the idea. (was much skinnier then!) All of a sudden the sky was turning BLACK too. Could not stop picking up shells and somehow had wandered very far down the white sugar sand beach, very very far away from the parking lot and the safety of our car. Ex-husband was yelling at me to get off of the beach, at first I didn't hear him, and then I ignored him. Didn't see the lightning hitting the water...oops. The skies opened up with a deluge of rain - then I paid attention! Have you ever tried to run like mad in soft sand and blinding rain?? Shell bag heavy with all of your treasure? Scary booming thunder and the lightning was getting so close, beginning to strike the beach!!

Okay, here's the funny part. Remember how I told you that I was quite the fashion plate that day? Black hat was dyed black, when the rain started, so did the dye... all down my face, all down my arms, legs.. you name it. Last time I will try to look cool at the beach.


Sandy said...

Been in several areas in Florida, but not Lido. Love the creativity your mom has to do that with shells. I find if I take time to collect they end up left at the beach house, on the deck, or in the rented condo. Seems once I have them I wonder why and leave them. I've not done anything with the few I have brought home, so I'll leave them on the beach from here out for more creative folks like you and your mom.


Unknown said...

I live in Tampa area (an hour or so north of Sarasota) which is the lightning capital of the world so I'm glad you were safe, albeit dyed black - not a good way to get color! I have a lot of shells from the Florida coast from Marco Island northward. Keep thinking I'm going to decorate a mirror with them but for now they're sitting in a footed glass urn on my mantel.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you gotta watch the weather as it can change in a moment (or two's)notice!

I have lived on the Gulf Coast for more than 7 years. Lido is great but Siesta Key is by far my favorite. The little restaurants and the good natured peeps add up to a great time whenever you venture out. (Siesta was voted, again, as one of the top beaches in the world!)

I currently live on the Manatee River and near Sanibel Island - which you've gotta experience.
Maybe not during hurricane season if you are timid of weather changes...but if you are into shell gathering and photo ops, its fabulous!

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