Monday, May 18, 2009

Point No Point Lighthouse

Not my best photo op for Point No Point Lighthouse, but I think it depicts what it looked like yesterday while waiting stoically for a monster storm to come in. Point No Point is almost a hidden treasure here on my part of the Kitsap Peninsula. Great county beach with long stretches of sand and pounding waves, tons of driftwood carelessly tossed and jumbled all over the beach.
Had the need for a beach walk yesterday afternoon, stormy, cold, windy. You know.. the usual here in Washington.Few people on the beach,group of kids having a very smoky beachfire out of driftwood. Not a great beach for seaglass, but cool shells. Thought I saw some big chunks of clear seaglass, but only clear gooey jellyfish washed up on the sand. Thank goodness I nudged them with my beach shoes before trying to pick them up!

One of the coolest things about this lighthouse, is that it is available for vacation rentals. Didn't even know that until yesterday! Maybe I will even give them a call? Tom might like that.


Unknown said...

Spent the past weekend on Hat Island enjoying the Puget Sound beach experience. When arriving on the Hat Island Ferry, we saw a humpback whale splashing in shallow water just off shore. The driftwood pile on the western shore has grown since last year and enterprising youth have made an impressive driftwood fort. Later in the evening up on the bluff we toasted marshmallows as the sunset lit the sky aflame.

Everything Coastal said...

Joel - have spent many many hours happily anchored at Hat Island while capturing wily dungeness crabs in the crab pots.

Your day sounds PERFECT!! Thanks so much for commenting and reading the blog. Sorry I missed last night's meeting, had a rotten day and decided to go to the beach

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