Monday, July 24, 2017

California Surf Inspired Bedroom

One of our fave custom surfing signs - just change the phrases and the location to make it yours!

Just for fun! Featured in HGTV in the June 2017 issue, a beach bedroom inspired with a California Surfer Vibe - perfect for a casual, lifestyle at the beach!  P.S. Also featuring one of our favorite indoor-outdoor rugs - the Navy Blue Rugby Striped area rug

We have some great idea of how you could easily recreate this casual, fun look at your "surf shack"!

  1. Start with a fun, durable easy-care rug!  I do like our Rugby Striped rug that was featured in the magazine - indoor-outdoor, reversible and cleans up with a hose and soap and water.  Perfect for a salty, sandy lifestyle at the beach.

The Pin-Striped Version is pretty cool too!
2. Add Cool Rope Pendant Lamps - Brand New on our Site!  So unique - and just the right addition to keep the surfer vibe theme.

Or for something really interesting... try The Medusa!

3. Use cool stools to double as nightstands. We love the idea of using these Harpoon Stools - the wood tops keep the surfing style all beach natural and simplified! )Several sizes available - the smallest one is $160.00)

4. Toss in a few seaside boho pillows...

Turquoise, and Yellow, Pink Embroidered Perimeter Pillows

Aiea Blue Sky Pillow - LOVE the design!

5. Finish off your room with a surfboard  - can be wall art or a vintage piece!  Our Spicher Retro Surf Art Collection has lots of options if you decide that wall art is more your style -

6. Finishing Touch? A pretty turkish towel - the perfect item to keep in your bag for all kinds of fun beach fun! We keep our turquoise one in our picnic basket!  Check out our Casual Beach House Throws for a complete selection - 

Thanks again to HGTV Magazine for featuring our Navy Striped Rugby Area Rug!

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