Friday, June 13, 2014

Outfitting a Yacht Galley with Nautical Rugs

Last night I received the nicest e-mail from a customer that ordered one of our nautical rug runners a few weeks ago for her yacht galley.  She even sent photos!   

We are thrilled that she was so happy!  We think her new rug looks fabulous and compliments her beautifully appointed galley.  Apparently it is difficult to find nice rugs that will actually fit into the constrained spaces on board boats, and our line of indoor-outdoor nautical rugs fit perfectly.

 Wonder where they are headed this summer in their boat, maybe the San Juan Islands? (I wanna go too!)

Have a great weekend everyone - 

P.S.  Here's a few of the fun Indoor-Outdoor nautical area rugs on our site!

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