Thursday, June 26, 2014

All Roads in Northern California Lead to Wine...

And the Pacific Ocean...Yep.  I do believe this!

On a warm April Easter Sunday afternoon, we packed up a picnic and decided to explore what might be along the road north of Fort Bragg.  Oh my goodness, I  have to tell you about his little gem of a winery that  Tom and I stumbled upon, on the very Northern end of Hwy 1 on our travels that day!

The Mendocino Coast is almost indescribably beautiful; stunning views in every direction with wild, untamed nature and a roaring, unending turquoise ocean.  Following a winding road with dips and sharp turns through weather-beaten small towns standing just steps from crashing waves, Tom and I pinched ourselves numerous times to remind us at how lucky we are  to live so close to this beauty.

And then out in the middle of nowhere - we found the Pacific Star Winery.

Tom checking out the view from their cottage deck. 
(It's for rent  - would be such an awesome weekend getaway!)

Let me start off by confessing that I am so jealous!  Can you imagine that this stunning property is where you live and work every single day?  Our host told us that he and his fiance' love living here so much that they only leave their house about once every 2 weeks.

Inside their fun coastal themed tasting room -

 I can't blame them.  Not sure that I would leave either...

Of course, we had to bring some home - not sure when we will have another chance to escape.  Hopefully sooner than later!

We highly recommend Pacific Star Winery for some many reasons - starting with the property, and finishing off with the wine. Yum.


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Pri Jo said...

Soooo goodness...

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