Monday, November 5, 2012

Vintage Speed Yachting

There's just something incredibly sexy about a vintage wooden speed boat... Chrome so polished it literally sparkles in the sun, the mahogany so finely sanded smooth and  finished with that 5th coat of varnish that you can't keep your hands from touching it...

Soft rumble from in the engine as you untie the lines from  the dock... (1939 Classic Chris Craft)

Don't you agree?

Think Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Monte Carlo...

maybe a little champagne and cheese picnic on board?

Or maybe George Clooney would invite us out for a spin on Lake Como?  Totally dreamy!

Maybe one day when we have too much money?
 Not in my lifetime, but it doesn't cost a dime to dream!

ah... maybe just a model for inspiration? Our new Riva!

The Runabout!

This vintage magazine ad hangs on my "dream" board in my office, just as a reminder that all things are possible!  Scored at the Alameda Flea Market last fall.

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Tybee Dreaming said...

Love classic boats & cars. Those old Chris Craft boats are just so beautiful. Like u said it doesn't cost anything to dream.

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