Friday, November 30, 2012

Oyster Gathering at Hog Island

Remember the oyster shell wreath that I showed you last week?  I took the pictures on our "school skip" day adventure to Hog Island Oyster Farm on Tomales Bay... Here's the rest of the story! (part of it anyway)

So, as you probably have read on the blog before, I am not an oyster fan.  But, I do like my boyfriend very much,  and he is an oyster connoisseur, so I will do whatever I can to totally support his gourmet habit. (As habits go, it's pretty harmless!)

It all started when I spotted a recipe for Thanksgiving oyster dressing on Facebook, posted by Hog Island.  It looked pretty good, and there was even a slight possibility that I might eat it. So off we went to Marin County on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to find some oysters!  Don't have to ask me twice to go for a drive on Hwy 1 around Tomales Bay.  Big bonus - it was an absolutely stunning fall day on our California Coast!

(Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my new Mini Cooper with its' sunroof???)

Oysters to go!

Look at this - a line of people that had the same idea as us!

Oh mi - so many to choose from! Which ones are coming home?  Dang it - no more Kumamotos!

Big decisions like these call for a glass of local Marin County Pinot Gris from the Hog Island Boat Bar! And maybe a few fresh oysters to sample in their picnic area before choosing which ones are coming home with Tom...

Seriously, how can you beat a day in November like this?

I just love these rustic-rusty oyster baskets!  

Now for the oysters!

Can you see the BIG smile on Tom's face?  Happy Happy Camper!

Hmm.... skipping school the day before Thanksgiving might have become a new tradition.  I will post the recipe in the next few days - we did make it, and I did have a few bites.  Have a great weekend!


prince snow farm said...

Caron, I would love to skip along with you...a stunning day, oysters, wine, and a mini cooper...I'm there :)

Caron's Beach House said...

sure! Come out West anytime!!!


Natasha said...

One thing that I wish I would have dine was go to Hog Island!! We are now living in South Carolina and craving some fresh Oysters right now!!

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