Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beachy Gift Wrap Ideas

So thrilled to show you all some of Cheryl's great ideas for beachy Christmas wrapping!  If you haven't stopped by her blog "beachcombing" - make sure that you take a trip over and visit her world on the beach in Australia! 

Thank you Cheryl for being our guest blogger for the day - 

beachy wrapping ideas

after a trip to my local already busy shopping centre in the heat this week i'm not looking forward to the christmas shopping madness. i'm thinking online shopping might be the way to go this year to avoid crazy carparks & crowds. don't you find it funny at christmas time when you hear music playing in shops about joy and peace when everyone looks completely frazzled?

this week i put together some wrapping ideas for a relaxed, coastal christmas. the decorating part of christmas is one of my favourite things about it. i like to keep it simple and in keeping with the rest of our place. 
the gift tags are available in my shop here.  

christmas at our place this year will be mostly white, natural with a touch of aqua

still getting lots of use from an old atlas, the pages are great for wrapping. 

i found a similar idea on pinterest. wrap a piece of hessian / burlap around the parcel and secure with tape at the back. tie bundles of burlap, braid and ribbon in white and natural colours together with string, then cut into it to make it more shabby, tie a starfish to the top.

little boxes from craft shops tied up with string ,good for small presents, especially when they're this colour ;)

here i wrapped linen, burlap, white braid around the parcel and taped them at the back. 

a white plate & a candle surrounded with shells 

i use these hand stamped hibiscus gift tags all year round

i love simple brown paper wrapping. i stamped this one with white hibiscus & added white ribbon and a shell.

map wrapping with small nautical tags, i stamped with white anchors.

 let's make this holiday season happy, relaxed & stress free!



sealaura said...

Wow, you are such a great wrapper! I am awful, but I try. I fell in love with that Atlas wrapping especially since it is showing where I currently live now, near the Gulf. So many sweet ideas.

Completely Coastal said...

Always loved the map wraps..., and using simple twine!

Katy @ Lolly Linens said...

Thank you for the great ideas!

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