Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sailing Style

I have to be honest.  Love the idea of a "Sailing Style", love the romance, the mystery, the idea of battling with the wild wind and sea.  But, I am not a great sailor and can't even pretend to be.

For starters, I could tell you stories of sailing in Pearl Harbor on a 22 foot sailboat with my ex-husband and with a tiny baby daughter Allison. In the dark, in the wind and then the rain began.....  He thought it was exhilarating - I thought it was one of the most scary things that I had ever experienced.  (all I could think about were the legendary hammerhead sharks that populate Pearl Harbor!)  Needless to say, we sold the boat and I NEVER stepped foot back on board.

 I digress; we're supposed to be talking about "Sailing Style" - not my fear of sailing.

Sailing Style by Tricia Foley is one of my favorite coastal design books.  It's a little difficult to find now, but if you can get a hold of a copy it's well worth the space on your bookshelf.  My friends at Liberty Bay Books may be able to help track some copies down...

"Combining a look backward with her own trademark and forward-looking style—fresh, simple, and inimitable—Foley offers design inspiration for all those who long for a cottage by the sea. Every chapter showcases both the practical design solutions of sailors and sailboats as well as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and design details that express a nautical style."

For me, Sailing Style has a little more romance, classic styling and shine, unlike some other types of "nautical" decorating.  Think Ralph Lauren, navy blue , crisp whites and calm seas....

It's polished metals... chrome, steel and pewter
(Overboard Lantern - Caron's Beach House)

(discovered on Pinterest)

caramel colors of coiled rope 

(from Johnathan Adler)

(House and Home)

combined with shades of bright whites and sea blues....

(Thomas Paul Rope Coasters)

(coming soon to Caron's!)

One of my very favorite pillows on our site - "Sailboat at Sea" 

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!   By the way, I am learning to get over my fear. 


Completely Coastal said...

Would love to peek inside the book! I have had it in my files..., but never really found images.

Gberger said...

I love that staircase, the knot coasters, and that photo of the two of you!

Tybee Dreaming said...

I LOVE sailing. I wish I could jump on a boat right now and head for the Keys, but I can't so instead I'm re-doing my kitchen with a "sailing" theme. I think I'm going to get me some of them sailboat plates you have coming.

Arabella said...

What an experience! So glad you are overcoming your fears. Love this style and have never heard of the book..thanks for the recommendation.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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