Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beach Fossils on a Winter Coast

Beverly Beach, Oregon Coast.

We left Portland early on New Years morning, driving through the gorgeous Willamette Valley  - I was so excited to get to Lincoln City that I could hardly stand it!  (picture of Mount Hood taken from a hill in Dundee while were searching for our favorite Pinot Noir winery)

Tom has the patience of a saint,  I made him pull the car over several times when we started driving along the coast to Patti's.  Thank goodness he understands my need to actually hear the roar of the ocean and breathe the salt air...

First of all, I have to say that I am EXTREMELY lucky that my friend Patti took a leap of faith and bought her beach view cottage just above Beverly Beach a few years ago, and she was nice enough to invite Tom and I down for New Years Day.  She and her husband Michael live an incredible beach life, walking their pretty collie dogs on the beach, writing and playing music, searching for agates, hanging out at the Newport Aquarium, and scooping up fresh crab off the docks in Newport.  (Can you tell that I am just a little jealous?)

Second of all, a winter beach is so much more interesting to me than in the summer. The sky is filled with fascinating colors and clouds -not seen in summer. The beach takes on a whole different flavor and shape, revealing treasures and tidepools. 

I like that I have to wear my scarf, an extra sweater, and my furry jacket with big pockets...  I was practically skipping when we finally got to Patti's! 

Beverly Beach was littered with agates and jasper.  Michael and Patti know exactly what to look for, I simply pick up pretty rocks and put them in my pocket.  When my pockets are full, I put my rock finds in Tom's.  (he is the BEST boyfriend)

I love the winter sky on the Oregon Coast...

The sand had shifted to reveal ancient fossil rocks that don't show in the summer.  

I don't think I have ever seen fossils like this before.... 

Tom spotted this beautiful heart shaped shell fossil near the surf, it might be my favorite find of our day at Beverly Beach.
It's exactly how I feel about the Oregon Coast.  

I am so excited that we will be going back this summer!  Our reservations have already been made for a weekend trip in August with Tom's family near Cannon Beach.  Can't wait.


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I think I'll have to go there Caron, who doesn't love fossils?

Kaybe said...

Oh my! My kind of fun. I lived close to Port Orford, OR back in the 70's but was totally unaware of fossils at that time. I could kick myself now. Love love the heart rock.

Barb said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend the New Year!

Gordon and Judy said...

Wonderful photos, Caron. So glad you had a great time on the coast! I gotta look for fossils next time.

SeaShellsbySeaShore said...

Caron, thanks so much for this post! I read it this morning on my phone, and was so inspired I went walking the beach (which was a beautiful, sunny & warm day for Jan! No shoes and a summer dress!). I decided to focus on looking for pretty rocks too. I found some lovely beach rocks, just like outlined in your post! I even was so lucky to find a handful of Heart Shaped stones! I may have missed out, but thanks to you, I just had to go a look! Thanks, dear- Lynnette

SeaShellsbySeaShore said...

Oh shucks, forgot to mention I love your saying, 'I fill my pockets, then fill my boyfriends'--- I do the same thing!

prince snow farm said...

The rocks are soooo pretty....the sunset stunning. Happy 2012!

prall said...

Thank you for touting your trip and stay at our house in Newport. I think you make it seem more exciting than we actually made it for you and Tom, but we are glad you had fun! We found a new trail in the back part of Beverly Beach State Park and took the dogs for a walk on it yesterday. Not a long trail, but was surrounded by the rich green of moss, ferns and evergreens. We also discovered a hidden, water filled cove with old fallen trees and families of ducks. We will take you there next time you visit. The best part of the beach can be found in the most unexpected places. We can't wait to see both of you again, and now I know that you will be heading this way again this year...expect to see you then!
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