Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weeknight Escape Sunsets on our California Coast

Dear Friends,
Wish I could tell you that I packed up some kind of culinary delight picnic dinner but, alas, I had too much work to do.  My over 40 brain can only handle so many tasks before it hits the overload button!  Had to settle for the "gourmet" deli at Safeway for "California Dreamin" sandwiches, chips (in the crunchy bio-degradable bag!) and some lovely cold beer.

You heard that right, I drank beer. It was absolutely the perfect drink  for a hot sunny early evening at the beach.

(PS  I DID NOT find this conch shell here - my mom gave it to me years ago, thought it might be a good photo shoot prop)

Packed up the beach bag:

  1. Wine Charms to re-shoot
  2. Shells to use as props (kinda heavy)
  3. beach towel
  4. camera
  5. iphone
  6. extra bag for shells or sea glass
  7. sweatshirts (just in case)
  8. napkins (I am a messy sandwich eater)
  9. sandwiches
  10. chips
  11. beer
  12. wine/beer opener (stays in the bag)
What do you think of our view from our impromptu beach towel picnic spot?  Not too bad for a Wednesday night after work.

Photo shoot was a little tough, light was not quite right, my pretty little charms were not showing up right on the sand beach.   So frustrating! Oh well, just gives me another excuse to go back to the coast this weekend...

We met several people also enjoying our sunset, and they were kind enough to volunteer to take our picture. Yes, that is my WSU Cougar Mom sweatshirt!

And now for our stunning sunset......

I think I have become a California girl.

P.S. Please please make sure to stop by the Everything Coastal Style Blog today and meet Tricia Rose, the creator of "Rough Linen"! 


My Owl Barn said...

I love your sunset photos! Those ship charms are lovely!

Mary Beth Granger said...

I love reading your page. Your photos are beautiful. I love the giant conch shell you used for a photo..great idea. The sunsets were wonderful. Wished I lived near a beach...but being in Missouri I'll just have to continue to make them my vacation spots.

I love to photograph lighthouses...hope you'll stop by my Lighthouse Musings blog.

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Wow, what a lovely picnic dinner! Looked beautiful there! Glad you enjoyed yourself :) ♥

Vicki Boster said...

Wow - i thought I had visited almost every coastal themed blog - I love them all - how did I miss you? Such a beautiful and inspiring place to visit - and that beack photo with the shell - is a killer! I am going to come back and have a really good look around - such fun here! Photos of the sunsets are outstanding!


Flotsam Friends said...

What a completely gorgeous, thing to do... And wasn't it worth (as these types of things always turn out to be). The photos are magical. Glad you enjoyed a cold beer... I'm not a beer drinker but became a "Rolling Rock" addict when my hubby and I lived in NYC... Loved the stuff. Have a great LONG weekend you lucky thing. Pruxxx

sealaura said...

beautiful pictures! those sandwiches and beer sound perfect, and I love how you prepare for your photo shoots. Hope you are enjoying this day!

Everything Coastal said...

@flotsam friends and @sealaura - we are enjoying a gorgeous Labor Day morning. Spoiled girl that I am, Tom is whipping me up some strawberry pancakes with warm maple syrup. I am lucky, and I know it. Have a wonderful Monday!!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

awesome pictures. i love that you brought a photo shoot prop! :) i might have to start doing that myself :)

Arabella said...

Very lovely, Caron! Thanks for sharing your California sunsets with us. :O)


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