Monday, September 27, 2010

Crusin' to Bean Hollow Beach...

Fired up the Pontiac, (reliable beach car!)  packed up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then headed south on Hwy 1 last Thursday.  A little attitude adjustment was way overdue.  If I can just breathe a little ocean air, soak in the aqua marine views and get my toes in the sand, I am convinced that I am just a much better person to be around.  

Yes, I did drive fast, (I don't have a supercharged engine for nothing!) with the sun roof wide open and the windows down.  And yes, I did have the stereo cranked up with Robert Plant and Alyson Krause keeping me company.

But, I do have a little bad news to report.  While I was having such a perfect afternoon at Bean Hollow State Beach... enjoying a little lunch, getting caught up on my Coastal Living Magazine reading, watching pelicans play in the breeze.... I dropped my lunch bag with the camera in it.

 Dropped it right on the lens.  I think it's broken.  Sounds like sand grinding in the lens mechanism, (gee, do you think??)  and now I can't retract the lens back into the camera.  Felt sick to my stomach, and tried not to let it ruin my excellent afternoon. Thank goodness though, I did manage to save the images off of my little Olympus from my day at the beach adventure.

Bean Hollow is a California State Beach located on Highway 1,  between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.  There are two parking lots, separated by about a mile, but connected by a beach walking trail.  The views from this cliff walk are simply unspeakably beautiful.  

It was about 70 degrees at the beach, gentle breeze, stunning day to be on the California coast.  

A lone grey heron doing a little fishing for lunch

 Harbor Seals galore can be seen playing in the surf and sunning themselves on the rocks! 

Wish me luck on the camera repair - feeling a little lost without my trusty companion.


Rose West said...

Sorry about your camera :( I hope it gets fixed... I totally agree about taking a trip to the shore making for a good attitude adjustment. Things look so much better when viewed through a seascape!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Cruising in the Pontiac, "Rich Woman" on the speakers, dropped camera... are you sure you're not me? Watch the seals on the warm rocks sound lovely for you & looks wonderful for them.

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