Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Sailing Regatta on the Columbia....

COME, hoist the sail, the fast let go!

They're seated all aboard.

Wave chases wave in easy flow:

The bay is fair and broad.

The ripples lightly tap the boat.

Loose!-Give her to the wind!

She flies ahead:-They're all afloat:

The strand is far behind.

No danger reach so fair a crew!

Thou goddess of the foam,

I'll pay thee ever worship due,

If thou wilt bring them home.

Fair ladies, fairer than the spray

The prow is dashing wide,

Soft breezes take you on your way,

Soft flow the blessed tide!

O, might I like those breezes be,

And touch that arching brow,

I'd toil for ever on the sea

Where ye are floating now.

The boat goes tilting on the waves;

The waves go tilting by;

There dips the duck;-her back she laves;

O'er head the sea-gulls fly.

Now, like the gull that darts for prey,

The little vessel stoops;

Then, rising, shoots along her way,

Like gulls in easy swoops.

-Richard Henry Dana

(pictures all copywritten and produced by Caron White - Everything Coastal)

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Beach House Living said...

Great photos. I'm in need of a boat ride.

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