Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Searching for Sea Glass....Good Days and Bad Days

I don't really know when this started for me, suspect that it was when I was about 8 years old and was allowed to walk on the beach by myself. As a kid, I had little stashes of all kinds of colors of worn, tumbled sea glass..in the house, at the beach, on the deck. I can't seem to help myself, although now I am a little pickier about what I am allowed to put in my pockets. If the edges are still rough, or the glass too clear,  I throw the piece back in for another day.

Last Sunday, was one of those perfect fall days.  Cool, but sunny and gorgeous with perfect late afternoon light.  Walked 2 miles or so down to the beach by the Southworth ferry dock, taking fall photos and  having a fabulous time picking up all kinds of stuff. Found lots of aqua glass, plus even a small cobalt blue piece of glass!  So excited to find several almost whole moon snail shells.

Then like the foolish girl that I am, decided to walk home on the beach, it's about a mile.  No problem, just a little rocky.  Walked over 3/4 of the way, and gee - ran out of beach.  OOPS! And it was getting dark and cold, then the wind came up. (can you see in the picture at the point when the beach is no longer?) What to do? Tried to time the waves so that I wouldn't get too wet - or worse yet, ruin my favorite shoes.  That didn't work! Ended up wading up to my knees in freezing cold Puget Sound water, then scrambled up on somebody's bulkhead - dried up rose thorns stuck in my hair and on my favorite jacket. Still have an ouchy sliver stuck in my thumb!

Squished all the way home on the road for another mile.Although I did have to lose the moon snails, I did manage to save my stash of sea glass. Such a glamourous life I lead.. glad that I didn't see anyone that I knew!

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Amy said...

Hi Caron. With our lodge (Crystal Bay Lodge) in SE Alaska, I don't get much opportunity to explore, but I did send my friend some beautiful coast glass from our area...she loved it. Made a beautiful arrangement for herself. Thanks for your blog, I do enjoy reading it! Amy - www.crystalbaylodge.com

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