Saturday, October 3, 2009

Simple Fall Beach Glass Decorating

Love my frugal, extremely creative, beautiful friend Cami.  She's another fellow Aries girl just like me! Had so much fun last night at her invitingly comfortable home, fire burning in their river rock fireplace, with Cami's special touches of family artwork and memories.

Took this quick photo last night (always have my Olympus camera in my purse!) and wanted to share how Cami used her beach glass treasures in such a gorgeously simple way.  Glass tray, inexpensive candles set on top of some of her favorite pieces of beach glass - perfect centerpiece for our
girl's pizza, salad and red wine Friday night get together.  Oh, and Cami did make luscious fudgy chocolate brownies.. had to eat one of those before driving home in the rain...

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