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Coastal Dining Room - complete with Alameda Flea Market Finds! + Enter our First Drawing!

Blog Post #101 - 
Giveaway drawing details on the bottom of the blog!

Gee Whiz, about 200 pictures later, in different shades of light, I hope you all can see  my new dining room beginning to take shape!  Missing my aqua and golden yellow walls at my old house. Might have to task Tom with asking the landlord if we can paint... HATE white walls.

The print on the back wall belongs to Tom and is of Sausalito. When I am rich one day, that is right where I would like to live! The funny thing is, I had this exact same print hanging on my office wall in Silverdale,  (mortgage days) didn't even know Tom had a copy of the same print.  I loved looking at it every day, the blooming bougainvillea, red geraniums, and boats bobbing in the blue blue San Franscico Bay.. all the while planning my escape down here to be in the sun and close to the ocean.

When I sold the old house, I pretty much sold everything in it too. Moving to California was very liberating! The only furniture that came with me was my big white iron bed, vintage white dresser and a shabby chic blue cabinet - I really didn't even bring dinnerware, except for a few favorite antique pieces and my grandmother's silver. Was so ready for a new life.

This go around, instead of a beach cottage "chic" dining room table, I decided to go a little more modern - love this dark, with tones of burgundy, mahogany table.  With the extra leaf in, I think we could have 12 or more people over for dinner!  (When are you coming??) World Market had this table at such an unbelievable price, I bought it before they could discover that it was marked wrong! Now for the chairs; did a lot of shopping and thinking about what I really wanted, decided to go with the parson style chairs from Ikea.  Like the idea of changing the slipcovers if the mode strikes me, also like the idea of simple clean lines so that if I decide to add some interesting end-chairs, it will all come together beautifully.

Melissa and I found, and fell in love with the hand-painted "Beach Cottage" sign at the Alameda Flea Market, can't tell you how much I paid for it, it was an absolute steal! It's about 5 feet long, block chocolate letters outlined in aqua - the perfect complement to my house!

One of the best things about being a retailer, is that you get to pick out merchandise that you hope your customers will really like, but lovely items that you know you do like! These pretty creamy white seashell plates can be found on my site,, as well as the wine glasses, the etched blue fin tumblers and the recycled aqua-green glass bowls.  We had a few mismatched wine glasses and only a few regular glasses so I thought it would be okay to enjoy some  pretty things out of my warehouse!

The Beach House Candle was another item that I thought looked lonely in the warehouse. Now, my whole apartment smells so wonderfully fresh - almost like suntan and tropical drinks!

We had such a good time last Sunday in Alameda,  sure made me miss having my regular retail store in Poulsbo though.  Here's one more of my finds from last week - could not resist this cute little framed mermaid.  Yes everyone,  that IS my "Fathoms O'Fun" Princess Crown from 1982!

Now, to show you all some of our favorite beachy/coastal  items at the Flea Market!  
You will see why I miss having a store...

Melissa spotted this detailed sea shell mirror - cannot even imagine how much it must have weighed! I thought if I can be ambitious one day, I too can figure out how to make something this beautiful.  (might be never!)

French -European striped ticking linen pillows.  So lovely!!

And look at these matching lavender sachets!

Way cute vintage chair with even cuter printed burlap pillows!

I was dumb again... I should have bought this sweet cherub 
holding an empty sea urchin and wearing a sea shell crown.

Coral, big purple barnacles and vintage sea shell pitcher! 
 (I can't seem to buy any of this coral - but am always drawn to it!)

This was the coolest furniture! The artist had attached faux alligator print vinyl to the top of the desks and buffets - what an unique idea! Finished beautifully.

An entire blue beach house bedroom set! So so pretty!

Gray-blue coastal occasional chairs, antiqued and then recovered in a "West Indies" patterned fabric - not sure if you can see it or not, but the pattern contained sailing ships, palm trees...

More coral....saw lots of these red spiky pieces this time

Nautical inspired pillows..

Not really sure where I would put him, but I thought he was especially cool - 
particularly because he was highlighted with a little old fishing net!

Thank you so much letting me share my journey this past year. This is my 101st blog post and I have been thinking all week about how to celebrate, as I have been writing now for an entire year!  I started writing Everything Coastal on May 4, 2010, what an adventure I have had... To commemorate this anniversary,  I will be entering names  into a drawing to win one of my Beach House Candles. (featured above!)  All you have to do is leave me a comment on this blog post. I would also like to invite you to become a new follower!

See you at the beach!


Privet and Holly said...

Hi Caron! I am already a follower and would love to win the beach candle so that my Midwest home will smell like the beach! Fun post..... so many lovelies to take in at the flea market. I would be hopeless at buying for a store as I'd want it ALL for myself!!! Have a wonderful weekend!
xx P&H

Kerri said...

Absolutely love reading your blog and seeing the pretties at the flea market. I'm going to have to come down to shop! San Fran is one of my favorite places, too, but there's nothing like home at Point No childhood stomping grounds and my grown up getaway.

Jojo said...

Congratulations on your 101st! Have a wonderful beachy weekend!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

You have such a beautiful table setting!! Wow!

And what an amazing flea market; I would have been drooling over that bedroom set and the coastal occasional chairs ! ♥

Maya said...

More cool coastal finds at the flea market!! I would love, love to win one of your beach candles, a wonderful giveaway!!!

Have a great weekend!

Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea & Completely Coastal

Arabella said...

What a wonderful journey you have been on...and continue to be on. Thanks for letting us share in your wonderful life.

Your blog has become a regular part of my day and your posts are getting better & better!

I hope you have a beachy weekend & fabulous Mother's Day.

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Astara said...

Hi Caron. Congratulations! I took a life journey similar to yours - from PA to FL. Now I can't imagine not living by the water. Luv all your posts. Thanks for sharing.


Ariadne said...

What beautiful things you showed us?I would love to win the candle!Ariadne from Greece.

Simple Daisy said...

It's all so lovely!!!

sealaura said...

Hi Caron, I enjoyed the tour of your home. wow, it seems like we have been on similar journeys. I sold my house last may and downsized to my villa and sold everything I could! On saturday I sold the rest of my stuff after one more year of evaluating what I really needed. Pairing down has been so liberating. Yesterday I went to World Market and got new plates after I sold my old set at the yard sale. I am so happy with less and also with the new sealaura villa.

Anyway, i would love to enter the contest, thanks so much for the opportunity. and keep sharing your beautiful home updates, I love them.

Maya said...

Caron, thanks for the tide clock link..., those are pretty awesome!!

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Love the red and navy anchor cushion, such fun!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks for all of your comments! Will be announcing the winner by the end of today, Tuesday, 2010!

Gberger said...

I would have gone completely out of my mind at this market. I am so glad that you are stronger than I am...I would have wanted to buy a container-truck full! Thank you for sharing.

Kamichia @ Glass Float Junkie said...

It is a very good thing that I don't have the luxury of living close to a flea market like that! I would be in BIG trouble!!! Looks like you got some great stuff! I'm on a mission to find some oars now!

And...those floats would look mighty nice in that bowl! Good luck! :)

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