Wednesday, June 21, 2017

National Seashell Day!

(P.S. Yes, this is a small sampling of my coastal design and lifestyle book addiction!)

In honor of "National Seashell Day" AND the official first day of summer, I thought we would show off a few of our favorite rooms, using nature's loveliness found in seashells to decorate with a definite coastal focus. Honestly, I think that these ocean beauties are just about the most perfect jewel to adorn any room!

We think these rooms are an excellent examples of shell decorating done right. Enjoy the tour!

100% Glam - Emeril Lagasse's incredible Gulf Coast Home featured in Veranda

What a great way to show off your shell and coral collections - use the built-in staircase shelving.  Source - Coastal Living

 Show off your most prized specimen shells as part of a coffee table display.  Love this room created by designer Alessandra Branca, featured in Beautifully Seaside

 Kristy's beautifully neutral sea shell inspired living room - we love all of the grey and driftwood shades mixed with just a few splashes of dusty blue.  Lovely and so beach cottage perfect! 

Love the combination of summer blue hydrangeas and seashells! Simple, but so beautiful and 100% summer.  Source - Kim Power Style Blog

Wow!  What a creative, beautiful way to show off sea shells, starfish and sand dollars - embedding them in an impressive fireplace.  (I am definitely doing this at our next house!) 

Love this bookcase collection!  Although, I do really hope that those large corals are faux....

Trent's apartment featured in Apartment Therapy - I love his creative mounting of seashells and sea fans as part of his gallery art wall.  Don't miss his collection on the coffee table too!

What a fun cabinet to catch your interest in a large dining room! We like that it is enclosed, but still open - feels breezy and so much like a beach house.  See the rest of this California Coronado Island Home in Traditional Home

A pretty little setting area with the owner's collection of shells displayed under glass in matching shadow boxed frames.  Keeping the look consistent makes all the difference in this small space. 

What else to you need?   Maybe just add a chunky knit throw and a great book!

A lovely seashell display with aqua glass bottles makes a subtle, but beautifully coastal statement.

How can you ever go wrong with a Barclay Butera look?  Always fab!

The key is to not let your space become a big "hodge-podge" of  a "beachy" decor mess. Which is easy to do, if you are not careful with your collections, just remember to edit and change things out for interest and with the evolving seasons and your lifestyle. 

For more ideas on decorating with Sea Shells - check out our Pinterest Seashell Board

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sea Glass Inspired Bedroom Style

An escape to the shore - there is nothing quite like the look and feel of sea glass! Tumbled pieces in shades of cobalt blue, aqua and green, if you are lucky to find those coveted colors when walking on the beach.  

Searching for sea glass is truly a "zen-like" experience for me, and has been my whole life.   It's one thing that I can do to reset my mental clock and feel sane again to tackle the rest of life. Collecting these little jewels of the sea have become a little bit of an obsession... 

We've curated a fun collection of ideas to decorate your coastal bedroom with a sea glass feel, to instantly create that retreat style right in your own home - any time of the year, not just for a vacation holiday.  Enjoy!

Modern Ikat Sea Glass Bedding - Comes with ALL of the pieces; Comforter, Shams, Euro Shams and  3 Decorative Pillows

Add some sea sparkle with our new Hand Beaded Pillows...

Add a gorgeous Sea Glass Mirror!  (love, love, love this Currey and Co. Arista Mirror from our store)

 Sea-Washed Glass Bottles for a finishing touch!

to create your new summer coastal bedroom look. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Romantic Home Magazine Feature - Coastal Charm


We are so lucky to have one of our new spring pillows featured in this summer's issue of Romantic Home Magazine.  The July 2017 issue is totally devoted to "Coastal Charm" - just our kind of decorating!

It's hard to tell from the image in the magazine and on our site, but this pillow has tiny seed pearls sewn onto the soft burlap giving it an extra special touch, and it's finished with carved wooden buttons on the back. Super cute!

Look for us, and this adorable beach cottage perfect pillow, found in Romantic Homes at many places where magazines are sold.

P.S. We also carry several of the items that were also profiled in the "Beach House Bliss" article - see below for details!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Attention Sea Glass Fanatics - 7 ideas for Display

So... you have piles of sea glass that you've collected from walks along your favorite shore, or from a special vacation trip.  What to do with all of these precious finds? I am the first person to tell you, that I am NOT a diy "crafty" person, but I do love my sea glass - and I do love finding ways to show it off.  My first piece of advice, make your display easy. Easy to change with the seasons and easy to add more beach glass or shells to your decor.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1.  Fill and arrange a glass fillable lamp.  

This large glass lamp is actually in my office (we no longer sell these - so sorry!) and I change it with the seasons or to match whatever room I move it to.  My office is decorated with seafoam greenish-blue and soft red hues so I mixed my lamp with shades of green sea glass and sparkled seashell ornaments with hits of pink. Just make me happy!

Here's another example of the same lamp decorated for our living room -  turquoise glass balls and more blue glass..

2. Use a large Glass Jar/Vase/Container as a bookend.  Look for one with a top, as it's a much better option for keeping the dust down to a minimum. Could even use a "found" canning jar.

I have carried around these large wicker topped jars for several years (at least 10!)  and just keep adding and subtracting sea glass and found shells. Great place to empty my pockets when we get back from the beach!  Hate to confess, but I have several of these jars around my house.... (might have a slight problem with collecting beach "stuff" - lol)

3. The perfect container for coastal display- a faux clam shell.  Mine started out filled with just my tiny collection from the sea glass beach in Fort Bragg (full story here), but somehow I have managed to continually change it up for the holidays and more.

4.  Use something Silver to add Shine!  One of my favorite ways to add some glamour is to display seashells and sea glass in polished silver. Can't go wrong with this decorting idea, and it definitely adds an elegant touch to humble coastal collections!

Start with a silver tray - can be vintage or modern, whatever fits your coastal home!

Then layer on the sea glass details to create the look!

5. Use a Mason Jar to create a hurricane candle holder - perfect for outdoor parties in the summer! Super, super easy - and affordable decoration for beach parties.
We made these for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary - filled with aqua and purple tumbled glass and shells that my mom and I had collected from many beach trips, and from her vintage canning jar collection. To keep candle wax from melting into our creations, I used small glass candle votives placed inside of the sea glass.  Worked perfectly!

6.  Take another look at your candle hurricanes - add sea glass for summer pizazz!

7. Fill up an empty wine bottle with sea glass and cork it tight! Or use any kind of bottle with a cork or a lid... add to a window sill and let the light shine through

Have some fun showing off your favorite pieces - that's what collecting sea glass is all about. Oh, and of course the zen-feeling of walking on the beach and finding just the perfect shade of blue....

And in case you need something pretty to display your treasures - we have some really good ideas!

Oceana Hurricane - Comes with Candle, seaglass, shells and white rocks!  All Ready to go

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