Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vintage Clam Baskets - How to Use in Your Beach Home

Vintage Clam and Oyster baskets are a HOT commodity! I am always on the hunt for the best ones  in antique stores or at our local Alameda Flea Market.  Versatile for so many practical and pretty ideas at a beach home.

Discovered at the Alameda Flea Market - personally, I am always looking for the painted ones!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I've been collecting!

Probably, my favorite idea!  Love how easy this look was to make - add moss, rope and candles and you have created a warm romantic glow for an outdoor party.   Honestly, though, I would be scared to death of the moss, due to the fire hazard, and would think of using maybe stones instead. Source

Super cute idea!  Use for "beachy" kitchen storage - idea from Coastal Living's 2008 Idea Cottage found on House of Turquoise

A beach house chandelier!  Love how creative  this lighting piece is from Brooke of All Things Thrifty 

A convenient, seaside  idea to store extra pillows, blankets and towels. 

Show off your beach gathered driftwood!
Practical use for firewood for a beach fire, or to use inside with a nautical-rustic decorating scheme.

A handy spot to show off your nautical charts?  (love this - spotted at Watson Kennedy in downtown Seattle!)

Well, of course you could actually use a clam basket for collecting clams or oysters!

Just in case you are not lucky enough to have a great flea market or antique shops near you, we still have a few suggestions from our store that might work for your beach home too!

Rustic Iron Market Baskets - Set of 2

What do think?  Would love to know if you are a collector of clam baskets too!

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