Thursday, March 17, 2016

Decorating with Green - Our Fave Coastal Rooms!

Ya know... Decorating with a coastal or nautical style, does not always have to be aqua or blue. (can be really boring after a while!)

How about trying a little green?  We've been collecting ideas on our Sea Green Pinterest Board - here are Ten of our Favorite Coastal Rooms with Green as the decorating choice!

1. and 2. 
See what I mean;  all soft green shades mixed with vintage nautical neutrals - no glaring navy blue or aqua shades in sight!  Both images from House Beautiful's article Inside a Classic Maine Cottage

 Love that bookshelf with carved sea birds and the basket full of blown glass fishing floats.  What a wonderful room to dream about your next adventure!

3.  Sea Green Glass Lamp, hand-rail, framed mirror and pretty green trunk!  So fresh, and welcoming.  Great idea to add fresh greenery to give you home a special touch!  source: Coastal Living Magazine

4. Green Stripes! Never boring and a wonderfully fresh spring palette to start with.  Only limited by your imagination...Note the vintage basket and lovely green glass bottles too!

5. Green with botanical or tropical designs - drapes in this room, but how about adding just a pop of interesting color with a few new pillows with the same idea?  Love those large emerald green glass bottles!

6.   More gorgeous green glass balls!  I may know where you can find something like these super large fishing floats...

source - Coastal Living

7.  From Elle Decor - I want to be brave enough one day to try this idea!  This room just makes me smile.

8.  Mint Green Walls, vintage-like black and white nautical imaged art and found seashell treasures.  LOVE!

9.  Or maybe just a small corner office if you don't want to go all the way green! Love this little tropical corner carved out for a special enchanting desk and accessories.  Check out the gold coral drawer pulls! From

10. More Green stripes, but this time mixed with a little aqua too!  Doesn't this coastal dining room, just say "Spring"??  Source:

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! 

P.S.  If you need an extra pop of green in your home - we may have some ideas for you!

Can't get enough tropical style this year! Palm Pillows

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